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  1. Hi AUStacker, thanks for the reply & tips, with regards to your list please see below. 1. No Debt & Mortgage Free 2. Some money in an ISA, plus an Emergency fund set aside. 3. Got £1200 Burning a hole in my pocket that I am considering using to put into gold. A bit daunting to just splash £1200 on a single coin 😱 4. I am looking to keep it for the future so no plans to sell it any time soon cheers dgc808
  2. Any suggestions on smaller gold coins to buy as oppsed to Full Soverigns ? Saw someone mention 1/10 Oz Coins cheers dgc808
  3. Hi Stu/Abyss, thanks ever so much for the explanations & links for the “Spot Price” so its based on the amount of gold in the coin & not the total weight of the coin. I will check out the links you have suggested & Abyss i will checkout your coins also 😉 Cheers Dgc808
  4. Hi all, i have recently joined TSF after finding a couple of gold coins metal detecting & looking into buying gold as an investment for the future. I keep seeing people mentioning “The Spot Price” & saying try to buy as close as possible to the “Spot Price” am i right in thinking that the spot price is what a dealer or a shop would pay me to buy my gold from me? A local jewlers is showing a Gold buying price of £30.80 per gram. I have a George 4th Full Soverign which is 7.9g so if i am right 7.9 x £30.80 = £243.32 thats what the shop would buy it from me for? I have looked on Ebay & Full soverigns are going for around £280 to £300 each, so if i wanted to buy Full Soverigns Should I be buying them for as close as possible to £243.32 “The Spot Price”? How can anyone make any profit if they are buying Full Soverigns at £280 - £300 & “The Spot Price” is at least £36.68 lowr than the purchase price? So the spot price would have to be about £35.50 per gram to get your money back. I am thinking of maybe buying a Full Soverign every 2 months or maybe smaller coins, any advise is welcome for a Novice Gold Buyer Cheers dgc808
  5. Hey all, just signed up after hearing about “The silver forum” through Youtube, thinking about dipping my toe into stacking gold after finding a couple of Gold Coins whilst metal detecting. Cheers dgc808
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