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  1. When we are discussing 10, 20 or 30 year investment perspectives in relation to coins of our realm being CGT free since legal tender, the elephant in the room for me is that Maggie aint guna live forever. How long will the BOE allow current legal tender to remain in use after the Queen pops her clogs? For me the growing likelihood of this event presents them the perfect opportunity to then tax all us stackers.
  2. Finding you is a welcome discovery. I'd been purchasing from belgium but will use you from now on.
  3. Forgive my ignorance but when you say Hit the button and take a ticket, I caNt actually see which button. Can you direct me please? I am signed in incidentally. Many thanks
  4. Ah splendid! Much obliged for that link. I’ve registered but am I being thick? I cannot fathom how to add it to my cart. It says stock available, but there’s no ‘add’ option.
  5. I’m going to get some for myself and had just checked GS.be who have nearly double the price since last I checked to £15.48. I might try a bulk buy from the states so post any interest here And I’ll keep you posted on the enquiries I’ve made.
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