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  1. Thanks! its a shame but won’t be able to make that as I’m working. I’ll keep my eyes out for other events
  2. Hello. I am a newbie to this hobby but lovely to meet you all. I took the plunge and have purchased a few oz of silver. I seem to love the BU coins over the bars at the moment but it’s still early days to find my curiosity. I am looking forward to buying more silver and maybe a sovereign or two, but there is no rush! I am very grateful for any advice you can give me and look forward to chatting to you all.
  3. Joeeamer

    Silver storage

    Thanks mate. Unfortunately none of them are wide enough.
  4. Joeeamer

    Silver storage

    Which size did you go for? I?
  5. Joeeamer

    Silver storage

    Hi guys. I am the definition of a noob stacker and I have started collecting 1 oz silver BU coins. I have a few now and am thinking about storage options. I am thinking about adding complete tubes of coins to my collection. With this I’m mind, it seems to make sense to store my current collection in tubes too. I understand that this may be overboard but I like to keep each coin in its own capsule. I would then like to stack them in tubes. My issue is that I can’t seem to find tubes suitable for this size. A 1oz coin in a capsule is around 45mm wide so I need to tube to be at least this wide internally. any ideas gratefully received. I’m in the UK. Thanks in advance. joe
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