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  1. Karavaki

    Nazi cup

    Do you know if this Wilhelm made silver stuff espacially for the nazis? i’ve found other objects made of him for sale. Approx 600 dollars for 6 cups with a tray...so my cup isnt worth a fortain...but to me it is. 🤠👍🏻
  2. Karavaki

    Nazi cup

    True, its worth much more to me. It’s not for sale even if I was offered 10K for it. 👍🏻 Thanx for the stamp explenation. 👍🏻 Was he any great silvermaker?
  3. Karavaki

    Nazi cup

    Interesting, thanx! 👍 Any Idea of the value?
  4. Karavaki

    Nazi cup

    Hi there. My grandfather fought with the Partizans against the nazis in former Yugoslavia during WW2. He got this cup as a medal because the Partizans didnt have real medals to give, at least the bataljon that my grandfather was in. Nazi soldiers drank of the cup in a house that the partizans took over while hunting and pushing the nazis back up north. My grandfather did a heroic effort during this overtake and thats why he got the cup. Now I wonder if anybody can tell me more about it? Age? What the stamp means? The ”NP” my grandfather had ingraved, its his initials. Thanx in advance! Cheers! /Oliver from Sweden
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