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  1. Hi All I have a bunch of coins for sale. I keep most of these in capsules and have never handled them but a few have milk spots and i have noted these. I can't confirm if the others don't but to my visual inspection they all look perfect but the capsules are marked a bit. Happy to take more photos if requested. Postage on top of the prices listed. Happy to listen to offers but please be reasonable. 1oz Chronos 2019 - 30 Might be a marked but i think it is just the capsule. 1oz 2019 $2 NZD Niue Athenian Owl Stackable Silver Coin - 23 2oz queens beast white lion - 50 2oz queens beast yale - 50 Visible milk Spot 2oz queens beast bull - 50 Barely visible milk spot queens beast dragon 10oz - 300 gold panda 1g 2019 - 75 SOLD Tube of 1oz 2020 britannia x25 - SOLD 1oz 2019 Niue Silver New Zealand $2 Hawksbill Turtle Coin - SOLD 1oz 2019 2 Pounds Great Britain Silver Britannia Oriental Border - SOLD 1oz 2019 2 Pounds Great Britain Silver Valiant Coin - SOLD 1oz uk Luna rat 2020 - SOLD 1oz equilibrium ying yang 2018 - SOLD gold maple 1/4 - SOLD Regards Jason
  2. Yes but pretty much every party bar the conservatives want to change it or at least arent completely against it. Cant imagine why the conservatives like it......
  3. Right to buy was a fine scheme in intent but the actual practice of it was terrible. Very little of the funds raised were used to pay for new affordable/council housing and instead this need was 'met' by housing associations and planning obligations in new developments. For over 10 years local authorities have had their budgets cut whilst at the same time incidents like baby p have led to a massive uptick in social care cases. I know for a fact that most of the councils in the south west have gutted their property portfolios over this period to fund services with very little excess property left in the last 2 years to do this, hence why so many of them have been complaining to central government (even though many of them are conservative authorities). Like many things housing is an issue that has been patched by successive governments with no clear plan how to make the idea of affordable housing or social housing a long term prospect for people. Infrastructure that is carefully thought out and planned is boring.....so most governments dont bother...just throw a couple billion nationwide at the problem and the say look how good we are.
  4. To be fair we have had over a decade of Tory led austerity economics and most leading economics experts would argue that austerity doesn't work, never has worked and tends to only benefit the rich. Not saying labour is in the right with their policies, but I think it is worth remembering the conservatives are hardly the pillars of economic thinking they would have you believe.
  5. No leader, no matter there chances will commit to a deal pre-election. Logically it would make sense, but in the world of politics it would be an admission of weakness that they would not allow. Post election deals can be done and it doesnt matter if they deny this before the election, as votes are in, they no longer need to care what we think.
  6. Hi, Yes a portable disc drive would be more than sufficient to load games, might be slightly slower than one inbuilt (although not notably so) and just to load up the game it shouldnt make a difference. I think the first question i should of asked is, what is you ideal budget and how far can you push it? Most of the laptops mentioned above are all fine for your purposes but the incremental increases in costs sometimes aren't really worth it.
  7. To be clear I wasnt suggesting the elderly shouldn't be cared for. Rather I would suggest, having recently seen how my nan was treated with her dementia, that this is not happening and where it is, it is not to a standard that is good enough. But there is no easy fix, if you cut out every immigrant from the nhs I hazard to guess that you would do almost as much good as harm given how many immigrants work for the nhs. There is no easy fix and politicians that promise you one are lying to you. It is a big issue and like so many things the more money we through at it the more problems we will find. We need to properly evaluate what level of care elderly people should have and how this should be funded. We cant f uh and everything but certain basic levels need to be properly agreed and guaranteed so that the post code lottery of our current system can go the way of the dinosaurs.
  8. To be fair the increases have generally been below inflation so debateable if they are actually real world increases, the new arrivals tend to be younger workers who i would assume tend not to drain the NHS as much as the number would suggest. The NHS has multiple problems but i don't think open borders are the main issue. 1) We have a very large aging baby boomer population that is using the NHS more than was ever expected or planned for. Not their fault, simply a long term lack of planning for this means the costs now for it are even higher. 2) We have so little focus on training our own nurses and doctors as EU ones have been plentiful. 3) Hospital PFI deals that began under conservative but Labour ran with it. To my knowledge these cost the NHS an absolute fortune. 4) Finally, as mentioned above, obsesity, care for the elderly and those with mental health issues are only growing and costing more and more and are being treated reacitvely as this is all they can budget for. This has gone on for so long that the lack of prevention efforts means the cost to react is costing more and more. Like a lot of things, its a very complex issue with no perfect solution and certainly no quick fix. I am dubious if simply increasing the budgets without a real world plan to address some of these issues will actually help or just push the problem down the road.
  9. Is there any reason this has to be a laptop? Gaming laptops are fine and all, but they there is often a large compromise in performance, upgrade options and potentially (due to the heat) component lifetime. Regarding ram, assuming similar speeds i wouldn't worry to much about getting more than 8gb. More would always be better but the real world difference in games at 1080p will likely on be 2-5fps. Storage and RAM increases are often the things laptops will charge over the odds on given the actual improvement they bring. With the optical drive, is there a specific program you know of that will need this? the vast majority of pc games are digital now or can be had in digital format, so alot of people simply don't have optical drives at all anymore. (i haven't had one in my system for almost 5 years)
  10. Judge


    Both listed countries would involve tax of one form or another. As long as we remain in the eu I would be shopping within Europe, especially for silver as it will help to have far lower vat costs. Look at europeanmint or goldsilver.be as both will be far better value assuming you are buying enough to make the postage costs worthwhile. As for gold, prices will be much the same wherever you look and your best bet is likely to go with uk coinage such as Sovs or Brits as they are both vat and cgt exempt. This is the basics as it where and the answer will likely vary depending on exactly what type of gold silver you are looking for.
  11. Please put me down for one, if possible number 8.
  12. If you look around (cant find it currently) there is a discount code for shipping from the European mean think it is courtesy of ByB. Drops postage by 50% still alot but if you are buying in bulk it is likely worth it.
  13. Have been considering 10oz coins from eu distros. Worth checking them out, postage is a factor there but the vat is lower so the per oz proce can still be very appealing, especially if you are buying alot.
  14. Hi, just joined after watching far to many of ByB videos on youtube. Already got a very limited silver stack but hope to learn more here and progress into other metals! I think i am gonna struggle a bit with the love of the coins when I come to sell as I have always 'collected' them but never concerned myself with the grading or even rarity side just whether I liked them....bit emotionally attached to some of them I fear! Ah well not worth doing if you don't enjoy it i suppose.
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