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  1. Hello Selling these 2 Lire singularly or togheter. 10 pounds each or 9 each for the lot. plus shipping from italy. Possible to add other coins too.
  2. Hi, i have these i am selling diveded into one gram each
  3. Selling 20 x 1 grams gold bar 999. Sell single bar of 1 gram for spot plus 5 euros. Also available 1/10 ounce Krugerrand: spot plus 15 euros Also Avalable 1/4 ounce Philarmonic and krugerrand: spot plus 20 euros. Possible to add silver too.
  4. i sold one, and second pending, just going to mark it as completed soon
  5. Selling: 2 x 1 Kg kokaburra 1992 in capsule 750 euro plus 25 euros shipping.
  6. Hi Selling these: 6 x 1 oz new in capsule Terra 2020, 25 euro each 2 x 1 oz new in capsule Valiant 2019, 25 euro each possible to add other 1 oz coins or circulated coins. cheers
  7. Hei, no sorry Big round and one small round sold
  8. Selling 5 rounds roman silver 800 4xsmall rounds: 35 grams, 25 euros each 1x Big round: 70 grams, 45 euros Plus post Best regards
  9. Selling silver 0.835 circulated coins at spot, 500 lire italian. Many available. Plus shipping.
  10. Selling 750 grams of silver rounds 999 Price 550 euros (about 10% over spot) Plus shipping Possible to add other silver 999 or circulated coins at spot.
  11. Selling 750 grams silver 999, 10% over spot plus shipping
  12. Selling this lot all togheter only, at spot 140 grams 999 66 grams 925 105 grams 800 110 grams circulated 835 coins TOT 377 fgrmas fine silver Plus postage.
  13. Thank but have to refuse, need some cash
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