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  1. Selling the following: Full collection of silver rounds 1976 Canadian Olympic games, 28 rounds, in capsule . 945 grams pure silver. total weight above 1 kg, silver is 0.925. Price 530 euros. Moscow Olympic game 1980, 16 rounds. 360 gr. pure silver, silver rounds are 0.9 silver. 230 euros Lst pics, with mix page white background, South african shillings, 25 pesos, and finnissh Maarkkaa, all 35-38 mm 11 big silver coins, 154 euros. Regards
  2. i suppose they can see different metal type and if needed open the pack.
  3. I thought the same but the problem is that i got a pack passed through Xray so it could be actually checked indipendently from what is written
  4. Hi all, I have a question that interests everyone in the forum. Many of us private collectors ship metal through post and courier to each other. However i notice now that every courier specify among the forbidden items, precious metals, unless you are an offcial dealer. While coins could be also numismatic, it seems that bullions items are clearly forbidden. Probably is because law on money laundering since it is also not allowed to ship exepensive watches, cash, etc,,,Do you have any more information regarding this issue? Thanks
  5. Hey, i did agree with one member of the forum for two of these bars, one to Germany one to Uk, but i have wrongly deleted the message, so i dont remember who is. In case The person is reading this, please send me a PM
  6. hey Tony i write you a pm
  7. paolo

    closed Silver mix

    Hi, Mix of few silver items, 20 pounds each. 1 oz 1997 from china, and 3 1 oz bars.
  8. all thosr you will get from me are not enough?😂
  9. Selling 4 bars 1 kg for 520 pounds each. Availables in 10 days. Just plain simple bars from an italian long history producer. Shipping to agree
  10. hei there, i have to calculate the new shipping or in case i will make a separate shipping like last time, but with the weight we can go up to 55 ounces, over that it gets more expensive the shipping. But we find an agreement anyway, i will set aside these for you
  11. Hi all, I have the following coins available now 1 oz silver: 20 Philarmoninc, new from tube 18 pounds each (not 2020) 20 Athenian Owl new from tube 18 pounds each (not 2020) 40 silver eagle new from tube 18.3 pounds each 2008 30 silver eagle mixed year circulated 18 pounds each. shipping to agree
  12. hei all, thi sale is completed, i sold quite fast, but i think soon i will but more
  13. Hi, selling 55 Oz of standard bullions (you can choose between some types), 18 pounds each and free shipping.
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