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  1. Hello, selling this lot, also separately. Silver 835 1800': spot Silver 925 and 800: 10% over spot 10 Francs : 20 euros each Israeli Lirot : 15% over spot Indochina Piastres : 50 euros each. Possible to add more Junk and rounds
  2. Hei, Some silver shoot from european mint, selling at 12% over spot plus shipping. and 5x1 grams gold 999, 4 euros over spot each.
  3. Hi, The following in sale: Authentic roman coin 246 AD Philippus 1, 70 euros 2 indochina piastres: 1909 50euros, 1922 55 euros 1 Grams gold: spot+5 euros. Shpping to be added.
  4. Hei Alex, if you need help i can help to sort out, just PM me
  5. I am on the same line of thinking as you. In general, the power in control will never let go the control of the currency. And of course they know people will run to PM and surely they are much steps ahead and very prepared for this. Just wondering what is their plan for PM. And also i think that PM will not be let run up until the very end of the system, until then it will stay suppress. The moment PM will stop to be suppressed will be the end of the current system, which probably means an event of huge proportion, some external event to blame. First think that come in mind is a war with Russia. At that point is very likely they will confiscate metals for national emergency, or put a limit you can possess. Either way they make the rules and will never let people win, at any cost, better they destroy the world but will not lose the control of the currency. Of course better to have PM rather than not, but i dont think that we can escape their plan by simply owning metals. That is a very naive thinking. They will take everything from the people as always, using any mean possible. In a kind of reset scenario with martial law and any type of government abuse , it s very naive to think they will let you keep your metals and prosper. It would be a paradigm shift where even private property itself will be at risk. I am a stacker myself, but i am starting to realize that the same moment the fiat collapses they will make our stack illegal or just unusable. I guess they have already plan that. I think the step will be: end of manipulation---> confiscation. On the other side there is to point out one thing: we are going toward a polarized world, therefore i dont think all world will have same approach on this, but probably only the bankrupt western world, as it was for americans in 1933.
  6. Usually it s quite limited, i would guess not more than 1000. I dont think that bank exist anymore, maybe under a new name
  7. It was released by a bank in portugal , which was 100 years old in 1964. bank often releases these commemorative medals in silver to give to their clients
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