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  1. Hei, no more bullions left for now
  2. i have some kokaburras and some ASE left, 12 pieces in total
  3. Selling also some 1 oz 999 coins at around 10% over spot
  4. Hello, Selling bullions at 10% over spot, Kokaburras, maples, ASE
  5. hei, yes i have, but not at spot anymore, also have bullions at 10% over spot
  6. More 10 francs availabe now
  7. hei, i am selling those left at 17 euros each, to spain would be 14 euros shipping
  8. i can send a pic if you want, theyare all 1960-66
  9. Are you interested in the 5 francs also?
  10. Hey David, i did not see your previous message, sorry. I sold those but i should get some more next week i think, i can come back to you, or you can leave me a private message
  11. Just write me a private message
  12. Hi, at the momenti i can do 16.7 euros each plus shipping
  13. Hei, how much weight are you looking for?
  14. Hi all, Selling some hundreds pieces of silver cilrculated coins at spot. Coins available: French 10 francs silver 0.900 , 25 grams 500 lire silver 0.835, 11 grams 5 francs semeuse , 12 grams silver 0.835 to add shipping. Best regards
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