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  1. Yes i can send to UK, the price for shipping i think it s around 12 euros
  2. Hello, Selling 1 grams bars, 55 euros each 1/10 oz krugerrand 162 euros, Shipping from italy
  3. Hi , sorry for late reply, i have the medal of 70 grams and 2 lires coins
  4. The two with the wolf, Romolus ane remo were made many years back from a bank in Rome, usually these types go for wealthy clients of the bank as gift, the other one i dont know about it, was in a silver lot i got .
  5. Just send me a private message :=) Yes are located in eu, but since the value is not much i have included them here since there are more view, but i can shift it if you prefer that
  6. Using family and friends?
  7. Hi, Selling these, in lot or separately. 3 Roman medals: 25 grams 0.925: 18.5 euros 36 gr. 0.800: 25 euros 70 gr. 0.800: 50 euros Bunch of 9x2 lires Italian Kingdom ag 835: 7 euros each 1 Lire italian Kingdome: 6 euros Shipping from italy, price around 11-14 euros. Also possible to add a couple of rounds 999
  8. Hi all, selling this bunch of silver: -10 francs 0.9 , 18 euros each - 4 rounds 999 (10% above spot) -silver grains 999 (10% above spot)
  9. Hei Rafal, write me in orivate it s easier so i get notification when i get a message
  10. hei, sorry for late answer, i have some 999 rounds and grains if you are interested
  11. Hei, no more bullions left for now
  12. i have some kokaburras and some ASE left, 12 pieces in total
  13. Selling also some 1 oz 999 coins at around 10% over spot
  14. Hello, Selling bullions at 10% over spot, Kokaburras, maples, ASE
  15. hei, yes i have, but not at spot anymore, also have bullions at 10% over spot
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