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  1. I collect sixpence. So I have quite a few of these. I collect all the key dates when kings and queens changed, etc. I have all the war years. I think sixpence pre-47 are a good coin to collect.
  2. I was shopping for an 1887 3 pence Maundy. And I think it has the exact same design as a general strike. Actually general strike 3 pence were used, except I'm not sure they were used in this date. So, how do the grading companies know a 3 pence is Maundy? And how do I know buying a coin raw? I decided to skip the 3 pence and just get a 4 p Maundy. I already have a graded 1 p.
  3. Ebay gets a bad rap. I have dealt with a lot of great dealers, as well.
  4. 1837 Sixpence: been cleaned but the wear isn't bad. 2020 Proof Set has .999 silver on the half, quarters, and dime. I like the cameos on these.
  5. I collect sixpence also. Nice one there.
  6. 4 "random" Peace Dollars from Apmex and also a 40% silver Ike. The condition, BU, seems legit. I sent an email to Apex. 3 x 1923 and 1922 are the most common. So it's not like they close their eyes and pick from a bin. Unless the bin is full of these.
  7. From Apmex. I think the 1878 is a mint. It has cartwheeling both sides.
  8. Back from NGC with a new holder. The old one was scratched. @Gildeon you were right, they only will do specialty holders on newer coins 1950 ~ and up. Even though my dealer called customer service ahead of time and they said they would.
  9. Will you try for better grade? Send it to NGC?
  10. I just went to my local dealer. He was able to get the GB holder ordered. I suppose @Numistacker could also get it done. I will post a new photo in a few weeks when I get it back.
  11. Oh, that's sad. Some older coins would look good in special holders.
  12. The holder is scratched, so I'm getting get it in a Great Britain holder.
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