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  1. Be careful about using the face value on government issued bullion coins. This type of bullion is considered to be non-circulating legal tender (NCLT). Trying to be cute by importing a volume of coins by only declaring the face value may result in unhappiness if the Customs officer is aware of the bullion’s value. Have a look at the Customs website, you will get an authoritative answer.
  2. 1 tube of maples and 1/2 ounce gold maple or roo each month. Avoid looking at charts and reading about Trump, China and the stock market.
  3. All air-tight safes could have moisture problems. I guess it depends on your local environment. Air will be trapped inside the safe. If the air is moist enough it could start mould growing. How often would you open the safe and for how long would the door be open (opening the safe will allow air to change)? A couple of packs of desiccant, or a glass of rice or baking powder will all absorb moisture.
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