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  1. I guess it depends how much you want to invest and for how long. For example, I know someone who bought a gold bracelet in Thailand and when they had it valued it was worth a lot more than what they paid for it. Might be a good investment for a family heirloom but I'm not sure if you have to declare it at customs if its over a certain value. If you are buying to sell quickly maybe look at the charts and get some ideas from gold.co.uk or on the ig website ig.com/uk/news-and-trade-ideas/shares-news/5-gold-stocks-to-watch-181214.
  2. I think its personal preference, I like toned coins. However, it could be a way to hide milk spots which impacts the value.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'd love to try hot forging some silver jewelry as a Christmas present, but I doubt it will turn out properly, so I'm going to have a go with steel first. I've forged some intricate door knockers and keyrings in the past but they were quite chunky. I'm not sure I could get a design thin enough to make it a pendant for a necklace. I mainly make things from galvanized steel sheet at the moment, bending and welding it to make things like toolboxes.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm Harry from Sheffield, UK. I'm more of a collector than a stacker. I also enjoying cycling and making things from metal. I've made my own home forge and I've started making Christmas presents already!
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