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  1. You can get them for under £3000, you just have to look and be patient. With the buyers fee this set went for around £2800. Unfortunately I had my auction dates mixed up, and missed out on it. Good luck Karl, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you.
  2. Thank you for your response. There are two sides to every story, however I am maintaining the moral high ground and not trashing another members reputation. Kind regards Simon
  3. Good day all, Whilst I am reluctant to respond to these added messages, I feel I am forced to. Making accusations or guessing what occurred between two members is at best disappointing. I am not prepared to discuss what occurred between myself and another member to satisfy other members curiosity. Bringing unhelpful comments or assumptions onto this forum is distasteful. If anyone from the administrative team needs any form of clarification, then I’d be happy to answer any questions. Kind regards & blessings Simon
  4. Karl, I found this for you: https://live.spink.com/lots/view/4-8O597/great-britain-george-iii-1760-1820-last-or-new-coinage-sovereign-1817-laureate-head-rig
  5. No problem Karl. I will keep an eye out for you, if I see something I’ll let you know. Since I’m living in Canada I have access to all the Canadian & U.S auctions and coin shows. Kind regards Simon
  6. Hi Karl, Have you looked at this auction house website https://www.numisbids.com/ I did see a 1817 XF40 https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=3624&lot=34046 Good luck with your search. Kind regards Simon
  7. Unsure if this is of interest to anyone. The link contains a list of UK auctions, for November that contain sovereigns: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/search-results?searchterm=Sovereign+ Be advised if you are not competent with online auction bidding etc be careful with the final price. Different auction houses charge different buyers premiums and you also have to factor in VAT / sales tax. Hopefully someone will find this useful. Kind regards & happy hunting Simon
  8. Good day all, I wanted to get some feed back on issues I’ve had with the quality of some of the Queens Beasts 1/4 oz Gold Proof coins. I know Numistacker did mention this in one of his videos. There seems to be a mint process error or unusual blemish in the middle of some of the coins. It’s not the frosting on the coin, but some sort of manufacturing issue. I wanted to get peoples feedback and if they have had similar issues. Image 1: 1/4 oz Proof Red Dragon of Wales Unusual blemish on Dragons claw Image 2: 1/4 oz Proof Yale of Beaufort Unusual blemish around hoof area Image 3: 1/4 oz Proof Yale of Beaufort Picture taken under microscopic loupe without LED lights on Image 4: 1/4 oz Proof Unicorn of Scotland Again unusual blemish around the hoof (plus a mark at the bottom) Thank you all in advance. P.S All of the above coins were either sent back or in the case of the Unicorn of Scotland, I gave the dealer feedback and passed on purchasing.
  9. Good day all, I just wanted to do the civil thing and introduce myself properly to the community. My name is Simon, hailing from the U.K, but have been living in Canada for the past 7 years. I’ve recently started collecting coins and found an unknown passion in doing so. I look forward to being an active member of the community. Kind regards & blessings Simon P.S I will post pictures of my small collection on the correct forum soon (we all have to start somewhere).
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