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  1. I received PMs from people within the first 5 mins. I'm sorry, I figured that PM's would take priority.
  2. Sorry, all now sold, pending payment. Can't believe how quickly they went....
  3. Hi, I'm selling the following from my stack: 25x 1oz Silver Britannia (2019) - £625 +SD 10x 1oz Silver Maple Leaf (2016) - £250 +SD i.e. £25/oz All are sold as bullion, but the Britannias are in really good condition, while the Maples are slightly milky and have a few spots (tried to show this in the photos) I bought the Britannias a couple of years back from Kitco in Hong Kong (included a picture of the receipt), and the Maples came from this forum. This is my first time selling, so if I've done anything wrong, please feel free to tell me. Thanks!
  4. Well, having been there myself and seen it with my own eyes, I think I'll trust my own judgement over something I've seen or read on the media. Good luck on your trip.
  5. So long as you check online where the protests are being held beforehand you should be ok.
  6. Yeah, it's fine. I live in Shanghai and regularly head there on small trips.
  7. That looks like one epic holiday
  8. Hi there, I'm taking a trip to Hong Kong next month and plan to buy a bunch of tax-free silver. Has anyone ever had trouble taking silver on flights with them in the past? Assuming the limit for flights is $10,000 USD, does that mean I have to take less than that on my flight? My apologies if this is a dumb question, I just want to be sure before I sink a bunch of money into silver and then get a bunch of it confiscated...
  9. Hi, I recently got into silver and gold bullion collecting and am looking to find some like-minded people. I live and work in China at the moment, but am originally from the UK. If anyone is in need of some East Asian bullion, then I might be able to help you out.
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