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  1. Great advice.. also a young investor in many senses.. new to gold but invested in stocks in the past! any tips welcome.
  2. Hmm. gaining exposure to gold via the digital asset gives me proof of ownership in the sense that i can liquidate at any time etc (i would see the profit and loss % in my app or trading terminal) but the company holds the gold in trust, for me. Again, proof of ownership can be provided to me.. Anyone think that this is going to be big moving forward considering that there are so many cowboys when it comes to buying physical gold??
  3. Hi all.. new user here. Intersting to see the different types of gold ownership.. anyone own physical bars via app? traded CFDs and ETFs in the past and just started with physical bars via app :) .. Quite similar to contract gold in that there is no delivery .. rather physical gold is stored in a vault for me! Anyone out there do similar?
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