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  1. That is why I purchased a Sigma Metalytics Verifier, which can read most coins through the slab using one of the accessory wands. Why people slab common bullion coins is beyond my understanding but I guess there is a market for them.
  2. Robb


    Yes, that would work fine! It is same model that I've been using.
  3. Robb


    A Sigma will easily test those bars, even if they are still in mint packaging. Tested these Johnson Matthey silver bars a few moments ago. All were still in their mint sealed plastic.
  4. Just do a search of "buy it now" coins/bullion you are interested in from lowest price to highest price. I wouldn't worry too much about fakes, Ebay and PayPal both have outstanding refund policies for buyers if the item is not as described. Refund policy extends to six months so you have plenty of time to evaluate whatever you purchased.
  5. The common bullion coins (2011 Kook 10 oz) do not have certificates. Mintages are generally too high. Who wants Certificate #45,211 on a bullion coin? It adds no real value. The Kookaburra proof strikes were the ones that received the certificates.
  6. Greetings! I have several 3 coin 2015 Kookaburra silver coins that I put together. I will only sell in sets of three, not breaking them up just yet. All were minted in 2015, which is the 25th anniversary of the Perth Mint Kookaburra series (1990-2015). They are somewhat unique in that the coins were stuck with two dates: 1990 and 2015 Coin 1 is a regular bullion issue 1 oz 2015 Kookaburra silver coin. 500,000 minted world-wide. Coin 2 is same, but has the Goat privy strike. 50,000 minted world-wide. Coin 3 is in my opinion the sleeper of the set: 2015 Kookaburr
  7. Might be better off just selling the silver and taking the proceeds and buying your young nieces some Alphabet or Amazon stock. Either will outperform bullion long term. Ten years ago spot was about $18/oz. Today it is $24/oz. $18,000 USD invested a decade ago is now worth $24,000, which barely beat inflation by a few dollars. $18,000 USD invested in Amazon in 2010 would be worth $261,000 USD. Depending on their age, selling the silver for stocks can make them millions by the time they cash out. Bullion is for old people trying to protect wealth. Young nieces can ride out the
  8. Cash leaves no breadcrumbs that can be followed later 😉
  9. THANK YOU! for the hi-rez pictures...they really make the differences very obvious. The devil is in the details and your pictures show it very well! How did they look with a 4x glass?
  10. Are you thinking of developing an API or using something already built around Excel or Sheets? There is probably something out there that scrapes the data from a web page, but I don't think Kitco supports API.
  11. Robb

    Mail theft of Gold

    In the U.S., registered mail is the way to send gold. Not priority or express mail. Sure, it takes forever, but at least there is a custodial track that can be followed if something goes wrong. I lived in Westport, it is a 52 mile drive to NYC...why the dealer chose to drop 25 oz of gold in the mail is beyond my little brain's comprehension. Not even registered mail ?? Yikes
  12. Yeah, the Veriscan app....... Is that where you take a photo and all the metadata gets sent back to Apple/Google (depending on phone), fed to DeepMind or ?? and sell the rest to the NSA? j/k sorta 😉 Photo metadata is a set of data describing and providing information about rights and administration of an image. It allows information to be transported with an image file, in a way that can be understood by other software and human users.
  13. You can't unless you take it out of the package. I never understood why a gold bar that has been taken out of a package to be tested is somehow considered less valuable than a fake gold bar in a package. You still have the assay w/Serial Number (shrugs) Sad thing is that sooo many people keep repeating the mantra (don't take it out of the package!!) that what they are really doing is helping the counterfeiters. Instead ALL of these stupid assay packages should be ripped open and all the gold tested. Counterfeiters would have a heart attack 😉 The value is the gold ba
  14. The photos are beautiful. As someone who has tried (and failed) to photograph a coin so that it doesn't look like a fuzzy blob with a white flash in the middle I can appreciate your technique Very nice!
  15. I hate it when the photo looks different from the coin. The photos should accurately represent the coin. This isn't an art class 😉 Worst is the photos of coins taken to exaggerate the "proof-like" cameos.....borders on fraud in my estimation. Tilt most coins and you can get a stunning cameo 😉
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