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  1. Pretty sure most burglars worth their salt carry a metal detector to find hidden goodies. A hand held wand that will detect PMs would cost about $300 usd . The hand held wands are OK, but better would be full-blown prospector detector with a larger head that can be used to sweep the outside grounds, the floors, closets, and even ceilings pretty quickly. Most can detect as little as half a grain of gold (!). Yes, they will not discriminate very well (metal is metal to most of them) but an experienced user will know when he is sweeping over a nail head or a gold sovereign ;-) I ha
  2. Robb

    Priced in gold

    Not sure the fact that gold was fixed had anything to do with the 'relative' value between gold and real estate. The reason of course is that real estate prices would also have to remain steady, otherwise the slopes would be different and there would be divergence between the two, regardless of the price of gold. The chart shows them being almost exactly the same...hence I'm suspect where the home price data came from. If the chart was gold vs cost of a computer between 1953 and 1967 there would be significant divergence despite the fact that gold prices were fixed.
  3. Robb

    Priced in gold

    The chart indicates that (generally) gold is hedge against the rising prices of homes in the UK between the early 1950's and today. To wit: The chart begins in the early part of the 1950's. At that time, gold was given an index of 100 as was the price of a house in the UK (which is problematic, as you will see). Soooo....in 1953ish both the real estate home price and the gold price were indexed the same: 100 (since that is the starting date) From the early 1950's up until about 1968 or so, the price of gold and the price of UK houses remained similar: If you look at the slo
  4. Not sure if one is worried about inflation or profiting "BIG" PMs are the place to be. Historically they don't do much. A decade ago (May 28, 2011) silver was $38 usd per Troy oz... Without even calculation the opportunity costs, those stacking monster boxes back then have lost money ;-( During the same period millions of dollars were made stacking crypto/real estate/equities/etc. In inflationary times using the principle of the lever is awesome: You pay back your leveraged debt with dollars worth less and less each month while the asset securing the debt increases in value.
  5. If you didn't tell me that it was a dragon I wouldn't have known by just looking at it. I see an octopus wrestling with a snake ? Or a ?? I dunno, probably just me 🙂
  6. Yes, gold has better corrosion resistance and is used in mission critical applications. Most people mistakenly believe gold is used in those applications due to superior electrical conductivity. Silver and copper are both better conductors... The 'fingers' of the various PCB in a PC (memory, adapter cards, even CPUs etc) are plated, about 30 micoinches or about a 0.000762 millimeter coating (!). Each generation of PCBs require less and less gold to manufacture. The result is the industrial use of gold as each decade passes remains relatively flat, despite an increase in the quan
  7. Silver has better electrical conductivity than gold.
  8. True, there is no numismatic value but 1 in a 100 buyers "might" like the slabbed case. I just did a search on Ebay (USA) of sold listing for a slabbed 2006 ASE and the buyers paid anywhere from $28USD to about $35USD...Of course the seller only received a portion of those proceeds so if you want to take it out that slab it won't really cost you anything. I can't imagine in my wildest dreams why someone would want a slabbed MS-69 common ASE but there might be handful of people out there that do. We all stack differently and it is all good! I would crack it open, pull the coin out
  9. Robb

    Tight budget

    Very true! However, as you noted, the premium is often recouped when you sell....which makes the premium somewhat moot. To the OP: I have mostly fractional gold (except for Mexican 50 peso gold restrike) and have done very well purchasing fractional at reasonable prices. You have to really look and it takes time but deals are out there.
  10. That is why I purchased a Sigma Metalytics Verifier, which can read most coins through the slab using one of the accessory wands. Why people slab common bullion coins is beyond my understanding but I guess there is a market for them.
  11. Robb


    Yes, that would work fine! It is same model that I've been using.
  12. Robb


    A Sigma will easily test those bars, even if they are still in mint packaging. Tested these Johnson Matthey silver bars a few moments ago. All were still in their mint sealed plastic.
  13. Just do a search of "buy it now" coins/bullion you are interested in from lowest price to highest price. I wouldn't worry too much about fakes, Ebay and PayPal both have outstanding refund policies for buyers if the item is not as described. Refund policy extends to six months so you have plenty of time to evaluate whatever you purchased.
  14. The common bullion coins (2011 Kook 10 oz) do not have certificates. Mintages are generally too high. Who wants Certificate #45,211 on a bullion coin? It adds no real value. The Kookaburra proof strikes were the ones that received the certificates.
  15. Might be better off just selling the silver and taking the proceeds and buying your young nieces some Alphabet or Amazon stock. Either will outperform bullion long term. Ten years ago spot was about $18/oz. Today it is $24/oz. $18,000 USD invested a decade ago is now worth $24,000, which barely beat inflation by a few dollars. $18,000 USD invested in Amazon in 2010 would be worth $261,000 USD. Depending on their age, selling the silver for stocks can make them millions by the time they cash out. Bullion is for old people trying to protect wealth. Young nieces can ride out the
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