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  1. Sounds great. Please contact Chris with the Shipping address, since we are really busy at the moment creating new Rosland Shops in Paris and Sweden.
  2. It looks damaged (for a 2021).. Why? But very nice coin ..
  3. We have/had the same one. Someone bought it but never paid. At the end we gave every client 1 gram for free. Its a s****** product. Maybe he just want to get rid of it.
  4. Looks really great, but the speed needs an improvement. After talking to chris, it will be solved tomorrow 🙂. Caching issue, nothing else
  5. Hi Guys, sorry that we had a delay for shipping the prizes. We were working on the new Onlineshop which took longer than planned, but we ship everything by the end of the week. Best, Emanuel
  6. Current price excluding 20% vat and shipping which means 1005.- EUR + 12,50.- EUR Shipping from Royal Mint to us. Maybe we have other prices in Germany, but we are cheaper than the mint .. Best, Emanuel -- Edit: You wrote 950 GBP which is 1051.- EUR. We sell it for about 1000.- EUR. which is about 902 GBP.
  7. 950 GBP or EUR? Including VAT? Our prices are including VAT.
  8. The price is not fair? Keep in mind, that we offer a best price in Europe for products whch are in sale. We also have Eagle Platinum 2020 Eagles in Sale.
  9. Its the minimum order value which is 300 EUR at the moment. We will reduce the minimum order value next week. Shipping to UK = 29€
  10. we have about 10 or 20 1/5 royal arms and tridents in stock. Several years. We also have the 1 ounces in stock + 2* Royal Arms arms MS -69 (2018) and many of the 1/5 Barbados Trident as MS-69 and 70.
  11. We also have them graded and can offer a cheaper price than eBay including shipping 😉 Just let me know what you need.
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