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  1. Its interesting to hear this view because as a Brit I much prefer Poland. I know some Poles in the UK feel the same and then also many who desperately wish to go back but have UK partners or jobs making it difficult.
  2. I think the ability to move between the UK and Poland is a great failsafe and a farm is my own plan also. I agree with what you said about Polands downsides too, well, my wife tells me some of these things and others I learn from being here (we are here atm). My parents in law have many traits of those who lived through great scarcity/ communism....its similar to how my grandparents who were children in ww2 were only even more pronounced. My wife has a dual nationality and I am a resident of Poland. For you to have your EU citizenship I think thats a definite safeguard in these worrying d
  3. Depending on means you can get (read purchase!) second passports for lots of smaller island nations which are options for people who want a get out of dodge card. Outside of this, realistically, Europe is or should I say ‘was’ the most feasable option. Theres not much I like about the EU over Britain per se in terms of their power structure and crazy currency experiment but on the other hand for the little people like us, to escape government tyranny if we need to, theres advantages to not been ‘locked in’ in a country like Britain. Now Brits have lost freedom of movement it creates
  4. Its definitely the start of the end, but it could take another 100 or more years to be fully the end. The US has a very strong military so they can extend themselves as a power in a number of ways, for the most part it will be to the great suffering of the American people and those of any nation aligned with them. Sadly the UK will be even more of a vassal state moving forwards, as part of Americas empire (along with Australia and Canada). Each country has long since shown that by fostering discontent among societal groups by allowing identity politics and the far left to hold
  5. Bastards probably sold them on earbay
  6. Interesting this topic came up, just the other day me and my dad were ‘reminiscing’ about the time a man in our home city was targeted for a home invasion by armed robbers. He had a safe with PM’s inside, they tried to get inside but couldnt so threatened him with a knife. He refused to open and they actually tortured the bloke, they cut his ears off. It was in all the papers at the time. They did get into the safe and it always stuck with me. Safes can be a double edged sword depending on how they are used and their location.
  7. as with all gold coins its worth its gold value but unless its highly collectible for some reason its not going to be worth more than that. Dont worry you paid is not a bad price for a half sovereign 👍
  8. Its a real issue, its just issued by Alderney as one of their own coins. Similar to the Isle of man they have their own sovereign issues. http://alderney.gov.gg/article/178852/Coins--Stamps
  9. England is so done, all thats left are the few remaining crumbs of a democracy. Now it becomes something new. It will be great if your a neo marxist environmentalist who doesn’t want to work and hates free speech, free movement and logic....but for the rest of Britain it will be a survaillance state dystopia in which all aspects of life are dictated by the state. 2021 post brexit and under the guise of covid it will be ramped up big style, there is no escape now and I think history will increasingly come see that Brexit served not to keep others out but to trap Brits in during this phase
  10. With public debt levels were they are and even worse will be come 2021-2022 after the next god knows how many waves of mmt, I think labour or tory, they’ll tax everything they can think of. I wouldn’t be surpised if gold was taxed in the future, it would do two favours for government as it would steal money from investors which will be there goal, and it will be a way of coaxing people from divesting from £££’s
  11. It would be unusual for a bullion dealer to allow it due to the clause above. It would be at there discretion. Maybe if you had a good reason and the price has gone up rather than down they would consider.
  12. Honestly I dont think the reputation thing is a problem. A guy came on here this year and went from 0 reputation to selling 20oz of gold in a few weeks. He basically was flexible with the first sale and took the risk as the seller by sending the coin before payment (to a buyer with good reputation of course) and once the delivery was done recieved payment. He advertised on his for sale thread he was doing this and after it went through he had the good faith of the forum to sell his other 20 odd gold coins the normal way with payment first. I bought a couple myself. Anyhow its an easy
  13. https://rielpolitik.com/2019/09/13/brave-new-world-was-the-unabomber-right-four-ted-kaczynskis-predictions-come-true/ What do you make of this?
  14. Because they hate us in the literal sense of the word. From ancient Rome until present day, emperors, monarchs and now their modern day equivalents the elite trillionaire families have generally despised the populace. They believe we are dumb and left to our own devices become dangerous. As such we need controlling like animals in such a way we can be easily exploited for their gain, profit and pleasure. Its actually amazing that our ancestors even managed to scratch and claw their way to some semblance of freedom and autonomy at all. But they did, and we were allowed to become free range
  15. They have no other choice but to take this to the logical conclusion so I would expect them to do anything and everything they think will enable them to control the collapse of the current monetary system. Historically speaking we can see signs that we are now in the end game for the current system and the US dollar as the reserve currency. Whilst 2008 they succeeded in kicking the can down the road in late 2019 we appeared to catch up with that can when the repo market spazzed out signalling something nasty was coming. This was when the federal first stepped in but based on what we know
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