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  1. I think governments strong arming companies into cutting their dividends will become more and more common in the coming years. As they force their low yielding debt onto the population its make sense that they will seek to repress yields elsewhere. If you think about it, if you can get a 5-10% dividend for a stalwart company when bond yields are pinned at 0-2% despite real world inflation expectations hitting 10+% why would you accept that. They will force that debt on us somehow but sugarcoating it by making it smell less like horseshit will help.
  2. Yes and some discussion between both as to the remaining 0.07oz as the trade is tad off a full oz the on part of the francs 😉
  3. withdrawn due to post office been closed for now, will relist in a few weeks 👍
  4. 100% agree, living beyond your means high debt to income ratios is common in places like the UK and US. Its considered the norm. I dont think it will be a few years from now.
  5. A 2019 Gold Ducat from the Royal Dutch Mint. Only 798 made in 2019. Price is £170 plus postage
  6. reduced for easter weekend till monday £320 plus delivery
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