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  1. I know there not too popular in the west but if anyone has any for sale at reasonable prices im interested in graded 70 pandas 🐼
  2. @MancunianStackerI wish I wasn’t but this seems like a given at this point and it makes sense. With such massive debt burdens around the world and now the onset of MMT all countries will seek to keep capital from leaving. It happened after WW2 when in similar circumstances they needed to trap capital with capital controls. Well they already have that now either by design or by ‘coincidence’....that word! Interestingly Brexit takes on a very different tone in this light....I remember someone once saying when countries strengthen borders beware, they may say its to keep XYZ out, b
  3. I dont see it crumbling anytime in the next few years, there no signs of any real potential for that. Especially now they are able to dramatically increase authoritarianism due to the coronaboner. The EU establishment will do whatever it takes to maintain the supranational state. Of course it can go down... but I think it would take years and definitely would not be pretty or straightforward. They showed their hand with Greece.
  4. So long as you dont mind jumping over the hurdles/ defacto capital controls they have cleverly put in place....at present its 4 weeks quarantine (2 at both end) which financially will kill any benefits for most. I dont expect this to change unless people are willing to accept their dodgy vaccine/ health passport. You wont be forced to take it, but you wont be going anywhere unless you do! 😬
  5. No deal or deal it wont matter too much at this point, the next few years are going to be awful for the UK. They are heading into a depression likely a magnitudes greater than the great depression with at present the most damaged economy in Europe. This along with the fact the EU will rub salt into the wound at every point means its going to weight heavy on UK based assets. I cant predict the house market, it was buoyed for the summer for example which noone predicted but longer term, I wouldnt be rushing out to invest money in Britain. If you looking 10-20 years out thats a d
  6. Great answer. ^ @xmerchant Gold is much more stable for investing in over the long term also. Its basically like a currency in terms of its behaviour. It fluctuates relative to other currencies (pound, dollars, euros etc) over shorter periods of time but over longer periods it will rise nominally because these other currencies are constantly being devalued due to the growth in their supply (money printing). Gold simply cannot be found and extracted from the ground at a rate anywhere near comparable to the expansion of paper money. Because its rate of expansion is far far slower and a
  7. surely it’s quicker to google the coin you are interested in to find out for yourself
  8. It depends because we can never know how it all plays out. Best case scenario gold goes into a bubble and you sell up and buy something else like land or property. So long as golds legal and your acting legally and you have free reign to sell and buy it would be irrelevant what the currency in between is. Id always keep something non digital thats good for money though personally. You never know when it might be useful.
  9. I agree in a riot its not of great use. Its not just for barter though, its also about having wealth outside the system that cannot be tracked or easily accessed by an authoritarian government. Looking at were we are likely headed, if they implement digital currencies and do away with cash its going to be very difficult to do or own anything without it been tracked and scrutinised. It will be a world were every single action you take financially is digital and can be scrutinised or objected too from on high. As they try and inflate away the debt this ensures they can pickpocket anyo
  10. Im 80% gold 20% silver...a key factor for me is transporability. I had to travel 1000’s of miles with pm’s this year....even a modest amount of silver was a problem. My worst nightmare actually occurred also as the car engine blew in the middle of Europe en route with all our belongings...and metal. The gold easily fit into a handbag, the silver not so much 😂 It arrived safely but dont let anyone ever tell you in a crisis silver is as good as gold!
  11. If you want some gold id say go for it. Its always good to have both because things can go differently to the way they did in the past. If gold was used to back a future currency for example it could be massively revalued above silver at the stroke of a pen or if the pension funds and hedge funds all piled into gold which is more likely then silver (given silver can be seen as too risky for mainstream funds due to its high beta). To be clear I am a huge silver bull btw! I just think even with the PM’s some diversification of metal is worthwhile, particularly now. Things are going to
  12. I had a bad experience on ebay with this company. The owner (I presume) tried to arrange for a sale to take place outside of ebay/ paypal and when I refused sent abusive messages 🙈
  13. Commercially.. thats my guess too. Im still able to buy in the EU thankfully 🙏🇵🇱
  14. I think the second hand prices are always in relation to what the prices are in the retail market. Taking away the option of EU dealers with the VAT savings will mean all prices on the second hand market can now only be in relation the the UK market so imo it has to have an impact eventually once people become accustomed to the situation.
  15. I think people are maybe overlooking this when they say it would cost too much to implement. They certainly they would not create some kind of task force to come a take it, they would simply demand you turn it in and make it a law that anyone holding x amount has too. You would not be ‘forced’ to comply as such but would, if you failed to, automatically become a criminal who could then be prosecuted if the state found out. It’s the criminalisation they would be seeking. Not a literal forced confiscation but a de facto one. What you always see with totalitarian states is eventual
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