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  1. Royal mint Lunar 2015 Year of the Sheep 1/4 oz Gold Coin from the official royal mint website £375.88, about 9% premium, looks like a good deal for a coin that long been sold out https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/lunar-2015-year-of-sheep-quarter-oz-gold-coin/
  2. What are peoples views on thoughts of another and Friend Of Another (FOA)/ Friend of FOA (FOFOA). Has anyone read the following book which details another's thoughts on amazon? Thoughts of "Another" Explained: New Paradigms for the Gold Market by James Roth
  3. What were typical premium of the sovereign prior to the current coronavirus shortages?
  4. Sorry if it is a dumb question, but how would the queen beast be a better deal if it has roughly the same gold content, but has a 20/30% premium on its price compared with a sovereign? I understand that long term the queen beasts series may have a numismatic appreciation due to the low mintage numbers, but that is still a guess isnt it?
  5. Thanks, might buy one of the queens beast instead. I was thinking the same, but the definition of "long term" is what is making me double guess myself and think if I should just bug whatever I can as the replenishment might not come for few more weeks (months?)
  6. Hi All, Was just about to buy a double sovereign from the royal mint bullion website but it seems they have either sold out or have stopped selling all varieties of the sovereign (including 25 tubes). Is it correct in assuming that this status will stay until coronavirus is in play, or does anyone expect them back in stock? The normal royal mint website has some sovereign india made version, but even they have a 10 day shipping delay.
  7. Does anybody know when the 2020 sovereigns will be released on the royal mint bullion website? The 2018 / 2019 full and half sovereigns have all gone out of stock, with only the 25 in a tube in stock right now
  8. What is the quality like for the airtite tubes? I have seen some reviews of the bottom of the tubes not glued / connected properly or not being strong enough, maybe they are rare cases.
  9. Hi all, recently joined forums and was looking for some advice. Have read alot and there is some excellent tips and hope to learn more before I start collecting. Would storing royal mint sovereigns in the official royal mint 25 tube containers cause any damage to the sovereigns long term? Or would it be better to store them individually in capsules. My worry is that if they were stored in them, if the sovereigns could scratch / leave marks being so close to other sovereigns in the tube. It would mainly be for storing bullion sovereigns and not any BU / proofs etc.
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