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  1. As zhoutonged pointed out, toning can be done artificially. i guess it therefore falls in the same category as aftermarket alterations?
  2. There is magnifying glasses that you can put on your phone for the details :)!
  3. Thanks guys! and @Tn21 yes seems like just a normal bullion 10oz lion
  4. Hi Forum! I started stacking this year, and hope to use this forum to buy and sell some pieces, plus to get some more insight into the world of stacking! Let's kick this post off with a question; The first piece that i would like to sell is a 10oz Lion from 2017, with a special leather case and COA (1 of 499 limited presentations) from the jubilee mint. I see that on dealers websites the uncased coin goes for 435-ish (GBP). Any advice on what a fair asking prize would be for this piece? With regards, NiceAndShiny
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