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  1. Anyone else preordered and had the email saying it’s delayed?
  2. Mine just turned up. Really impressed. Can’t wait for the rest. Does anyone have any ideas on release dates/timeframes for the next ones?
  3. I started out with the exact same thoughts. But now I’m mainly looking at Proofs and Series. Planned to add some gold this year too but for some bizarre reason have bought crypto instead?! Go with what you like as in reality it’s for you now but then in the future.
  4. Got any photos of it?
  5. £40 for an Elton? As in the 1oz Proof or the BU?
  6. To be fair there aren’t many series which start off string and remain strong for the whole series.
  7. Surely the main issue is silver is seen more as an industrial metal and therefore good opportunity for tax.
  8. So 2020 is nearly over, what are you looking forward to in 2021? Me: Completing African Big 5 RM Music Legends (as long as not Beatles or Sprice Girls!) New Silver Eagle Design Getting my first bit of gold (maybe a new series?).
  9. Think it’s personal opinion first off. I’m planning to keeping mine to pass to my boys in years to come so grading will have the “authenticity” for them when they sell them.
  10. Yeah same. I quite like the box but I also want to get mine graded so they will not fit in the box. Bit torn.
  11. Got a guy on Facebook where I’m getting them. He’s done me these and the Giants of the Ice Age coins. Standard BU.
  12. Love proofs personally. For series/collections in the future all I am aiming for is proofs. But that’s just me.
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