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  1. OriginalS

    for sale (By Platinum Member) 2020 1/4oz gold standard & 1915 4 Ducat

    Hi All, I have this 2020 1/4oz gold standard & 1915 4 Ducat restrike (0.44oz fine), in bullion condition both coins have a few scratches. 2020 1/4oz Gold standard -£395 1915 4 Ducat restrike - £655 Postage on top and bank transfer preferred
  2. OriginalS

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) Gold bullion coins

    Need the 4 Ducat sold this weekend, currently at 3% over spot with postage included
  3. OriginalS

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) Gold bullion coins

    Hi All, I have the following gold coins for sale 1915 Austrian 4 ducat restrike - £670 RMSD included 2019 1/4oz Brit - £410- sold 2002 1/20oz Australia kangaroo - £80- sold All coins are in bullion condition.
  4. Final reduction on the 4 Ducat before withdrawing
  5. just the 4 Ducat coin remaining, will be withdrawing tomorrow if not sold - £685 + postage Hi all, The time has come to sell some PM's, need to buy a car after loosing my company vehicle, all items are fairly priced to sell, I'll consider some offers for multiple items BT preferred + postage on top at buyers risk. Gold - all bullion grade 1915 4 Ducat restrike (0.44oz gold content) - £710 £690 reduced 1906, 1907, 1912 half sovereign £180 each or £520 all 3 sold 1981 1/10oz Kruggerand £170 £168 Hattons quarter sovereign 75th anniversary of VE da
  6. Here's some interesting data about the current rise, still don't think we've reached peak interest yet either
  7. OriginalS

    Sell some?

    Instead of getting a Ebike kit, why not buy a bike with an internal combustion engine 🏍️, never have a problem with your knees then
  8. Tbf there has just been a large spike
  9. You just woken up or something 😂
  10. I've got 400 grams of pre 1947 on the sales thread, locked the price at £21/Oz for today
  11. Looks cast to my untrained eye
  12. If you ever wanna sell that AGE you let me know first 😉
  13. Hi all, I've got 400 grams of pre 1947 coinage, mainly threepence with some florins, asking spot price at the time of sale + postage of buyers choice. Works out to be 6.43oz of fine silver Thanks for looking Edit: the south African 2 1/2 shilling shown in the photo isn't included
  14. Haven't you watched Breaking Bad?? Some great money laundering tips in that show 😂
  15. This is wrong, buying any sort of gold is an investment, gold is still gold at the end of the day no matter what form, weight or carat it's in, you made thinking of "investment" grade bars that EFT and futures contracts trade in
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