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  1. I've got 400 grams of pre 1947 on the sales thread, locked the price at £21/Oz for today
  2. Looks cast to my untrained eye
  3. If you ever wanna sell that AGE you let me know first 😉
  4. Haven't you watched Breaking Bad?? Some great money laundering tips in that show 😂
  5. This is wrong, buying any sort of gold is an investment, gold is still gold at the end of the day no matter what form, weight or carat it's in, you made thinking of "investment" grade bars that EFT and futures contracts trade in
  6. I would definitely go for some capital gains tax free coins on the gold front, as for silver I would check out something like the Tuvalu Marvel series, because it's limited mintages, apparently all kids love marvel and they look cool, might be a bit late to the party though as the Spiderman 1oz is currently £75+
  7. Mercedes G wagon, Ducati V2 and a KTM 1290 Duke r And a nice villa in southern Portugal
  8. What's everyone's thoughts on grading modern collectable silver coins, not bog standard billion coins but one's with limited mintages
  9. Everything is definitely in a bubble at the minute, this could cause quite a liquidity problem in the near future
  10. I'd be interested in 2 if I can shift something I've got for sale
  11. Hi all, This didn't sell in the recent auction I had on it. 13.963 grams with a fine content of 13.767 grams. (0.442oz) This coin is a restrike Linked BYB's video he did on this coin Asking for £695 with royal mail SD in the UK, open to our European friends with postage contributions. BT please
  12. I think for the short term (1-2 years) platinum is going to be relatively cheap, there's obviously going to be a turn down in manufacturing and especially purchases of new cars, but that why I'm putting some money into platinum instead of gold
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