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  1. China doesn't need too import gold, it's the world's largest producer
  2. Hi yeah, if you could reply on the private message I'll send them over instead of the sales thread
  3. FLASH SALE - until I go to the post office this afternoon, Just a 3% premium over spot at the time of writing (£1403) or 1.6% if buying both (HURRY THESE PRICES CANT LAST 😂😂) Hi all, I have the following for sale 1911 Full sovereign 1912 Full sovereign Looking for £340 each or if bought together £670, I'm including RM special delivery, if in Europe we can work shipping out. Bank transfer or PayPal f&f. Thanks for looking
  4. I've got this listed of a few sites, might as well list is here as well, can deliver it to most parts of the UK if diesel is covered. £3200 open to offers https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2064812120329398/
  5. Hi all, I've got this 2018 Frankenstein 200 year anniversary £2 gold proof coin for sale. Comes with original case and COA, low strike number out of a mintage of 400. 22ct gold with a fine weight of 14.63 grams Looking for £800 with RM SD included. Thanks for looking
  6. Not in the UK by the sounds of it, or maybe some dystopian future UK, we have an attitude their that everyone thinks we're hard done for when we aren't compared to the rest of the world, we really need to wake up and smell the coffee
  7. I've stopped contributions to my pension while on furlough, what's the point in investing in an over priced stock market that's going to crash in a few months anyway, it's quite funny been on furlough I'm actually making more money than I would be working so I don't really care about paying £20 more income tax for the month
  8. Everyone has pensions, investments and savings, any government that even suggested that in a free country wouldn't be in power for very long. We might complain a lot in the UK about how s****** we've got it but live in one of the most economically free countries in the world, it would be political suicide for any party to suggest seizing pensions
  9. OriginalS

    Help needed

    If someone wants to PM me the details of this Facebook page I'd be grateful 😂 I'd like some profit too
  10. OriginalS

    Help needed

    @shawy2510is wanting to buy some 50p gold proofs
  11. It's not the 13.5 tonnes, it's how it was acquired that probably got him in trouble 😂
  12. I've found Monzo to be really good with foreign transaction fees
  13. A nice bit of BYB silver courtesy of the other half for my birthday, love a bit of free silver I do
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