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  1. The ping test is not very useful for spoons etc. Try to bend it and compare it with a stainless steel spoon. You will feel the difference.
  2. American Eagles & Maples! and Gold, Gold, Gold
  3. Auri sacra fames https://www.latin-is-simple.com/en/vocabulary/phrase/198/
  4. Using water to perform the test on paramagnetism is may be not a good idea. Water itself is paramagnetic.
  5. It is not erotic, but eurotic.
  6. It is! The Kennedy half dollars have the smallest wear of all silver half dollars. And therefore the highest absolute silver content. Logic!
  7. Varus

    Gold on its way up

    Gold in $ loves war and Gold in £ Brexit.
  8. Varus

    Gold import

    As a private person you must pay VAT, because it is not monetary gold. Monetary gold has a special geometry and fineness. Coins: min. 90% Au Bars: min 99,5% Au
  9. From the new year on, gold may only be purchased anonymously up to 2000 €. Therefore there is a queue in front of the gold dealer. Is there a limit for anonymous gold purchases in England?
  10. Nobody wants to buy the greatest coin? The 20 Eurocent is really fantastic. A great currency.
  11. The weight of silver coins is not that precise. I measured: 10 Maples = 315 g or 31,5 g per Oz 10 Libertads =312 g or 31,2 g per Oz
  12. My 1 Oz silver maple leafs have a weight of 31,5 g.
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