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  1. I think that dollar/silver ratio means that $4, 909 new dollars are being printed annually for every new ounce of silver coming out of the ground.
  2. I could not help but notice that oil producing countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia are doing okay, along with China. The GDP's in Europe and the UK are falling across the board in tandem with rising debt. How accurate are these clocks in real time though? They must be modelled on old data.
  3. What do you mean by the BoE's pension?
  4. I would like to get a tube of this year's kookaburras. The Perth mint is not churning out any coins at the moment apparently. Just seen 2016 kooks for ale for £57 at Bullion by post! But they're not in stock.... Edit: A normal price for the older kooks would be £25-30 I'm pretty sure.
  5. 1kg Silver Umicore bar from Atkinsons. Might put it in my work locker. Most of Aty's bars are out of stock.
  6. The assholes are bashing the price down again. I just put £22K into my goldmoney account. Much of that will be going on silver.
  7. A kg silver Shone bar and a 100g Betts bar from Arshimo. I'm just getting started...
  8. The silversqueeze Gofundme effort is doing okay. I put in roughly £10. Scottsdale mint put in $5K. It's for billboards to be put up on American motorways saying buy silver basically to raise awareness.. They've raised about $80K so far. And posters I guess,
  9. Yeah, that's the email I got. Nothing to worry about, just the opposite. Huge demand!
  10. I just got an email from them saying please be patient. It's just one sovereign and one tube of silver Brits. Frustratingly, I am still waiting for my boat to come in. Flipping banks! When Ii do get my money I will be buying 1000 oz of silver plus the rest.
  11. How long are Atkinsons taking to deliver at the moment?
  12. This really is an existential battle. A fight to the death. I am one of the mosquitos and I won't stop biting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtxr_yXDXTo
  13. My inheritance has been delayed but I'm hoping to get my money next week. Then I will add a big chunk to my stack. No way am I going to hold onto wallet paper.
  14. I hope to have my weight in silver and more in the next week. I might get another 1000 oz.
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