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  1. the big bars i would say are more secure. the problem starts with small fractional stuff like shown in the pictures. and we have to mention, that you have to pay for VERI SCAN service when you are using it a lot...
  2. https://www.pamp.com/veriscan here we can have information about VERI SCAN PAMP. The security system works great. As far as i read on line the characteristics are of the whole batch not the single bar, so it leaves some space for rigging, the reason of me posting it is to remind us to use all of the security features and skills we can, not just trust the package... and to show , that they are getting really good looking
  3. WARNING! fake PAMP VERI SCAN Gold bar. THEY are getting better... The quality of the package is near identical to the real thing. The QR CODE is not working. it's a first clear give away The serial number Is printed close to the middle of the bar / I found all my originals have it on the bottom/ The fake is much thicker, but the same size and weight. I did attached few pictures, so you can see for yourselves... BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS CHECK, CHECK, AND THEN CHECK AGAIN! Added 0 minutes later... And here next to the real bar
  4. Well...simple answer is NOTHING! I haven't found one that good yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if soon we will see one... The only thing saving us all, as always is our best friend called "density". The bar is much thicker than real gold, but if you are buying blind, have no access to the application / as far as I'm concerned you can get it only on IOS/ and have no bar to compare it to, well it can be hard... here you have a picture next to a genuine product...
  5. Hi there I would like to warn all of You. The new version of VERI SCAN PAMP fakes are here. This fakes look really good. The certi pack is really good quality, i would say nearly as original. the serial numbers are different on both bars we have here. -The QR code is not working with the VERI SCAN Application -The serial number is ingraved in the middle of the bar -The bar is much thicker than it should Remember guys always CHECK IT, CHECK IT SECOND TIME, AND THEN CHECK IT AGAIN...! Hope it helps anyone to save some cash and dont get scammed!
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