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  1. Wow. I never had any issues with GSBE but if they spoke to me like that I think I'd step into my car and drive to Belgium
  2. Staking since mid 2019 and all of my orders were at GSBE. Never had any problem, never had a missing coin, only once delivery toon 2 days longer than expected. My emails were all answered the same day. So for me no reasons yet to order somewhere else.
  3. Started september 2019, got around 240 Oz of Silver, 2 Oz of gold.
  4. I have some 1/10 Oz coins, like Maple Leafs, Philharmoniker, Britannia and an Australian Kangaroo. I do really like them but to be honest, I think they are a little too small to appreciate them fully. Except for the Australian Kangaroo, which is an absolutely beautiful coin. I recently bought an 1/4 Oz Maple Leaf and that size is much better to me. I can imagine you'd rather buy a 1/4 Oz coin instead of a 1/10 Oz.
  5. Sure about the swap? I am not unwilling to that, if we can work something out
  6. I agree with you. My aim is to keep my PM for about 10-15 years, I am not looking for big profit, it's against Inflation as you say. Try to buy around 50 Oz Silver each month and hopefully some gold too but that al depends on my financial situation off course Just don't want pandas etc anymore but only Maples and Philharmoniker etc.
  7. Tnx. I try to have 2/3 silver and 1/3 gold
  8. That seems perfect to me and mostly the reason why I bought coins with a not so high premium, but then I realized I don't want to spend time on selling individual coins. So for me I think it is better to stick with Maples, but I still think that Panda's etc are absolute beautiful coins
  9. But that's is exactly my point, in that situation, who cares if there's a panda on the coin, or a Mammoth or a dragon? It all comes down at the weight of the silver. That's why I regret buying all these panda's etc.
  10. That question crossed my mind quite a few times. When nobody's trust fiat currency anymore, or when it's wordt nothing, I guess we get back in time and pay with silver. But cannot imagine it'll go that far. On the other hand, during financial crises, PM getting more worth. But off course, when there's a total collapse, we are all f*cked.
  11. Hi guys, Want to share my thoughts and maybe it might be helpful for starters in stacking who are - like me - maybe too enthousiast 😉 I started stacking only a few months ago. Basically for three reasons: . If I don't buy PM, I think I might spend all my money, but more important: . to have some extra money when I stop working and . have PM in case of financial crisis, collapse financial system I started to buy coins like Maple Leafs, Kangaroos and Philharmoniker. Seems great I think. But then I wanted some variations and coins which looked more beautiful.
  12. Already got 2 of the 1 Oz silver Mammoth coins, I think this will be the first series for me to complete so just bought 2 of the deer-coins. Mammoth coins were very pretty, hope the deer-coin will be on the same level
  13. Bought 2 Mammoth coins Silver 1 Oz yesterday. Beautiful coin. Goldsilver.be still got 167 in stock.
  14. Just wondering and like to read about your opinions. When you buy a full tube of silver (bullion)coins from a respectable dealer and the tube arrives fully sealed (by the Mint) , do you break the seal and check the coins to see if they are (milk)spotted or scratched or do you keep the tube sealed? I don't doubt the coins are genuine but on one hand I am curious how they look like and if they are scratched or spotted (just curious, I know spots have no consequences for the value of the bullion coin). On the other hand I can imagine the coins are even more liquidable when they're in a
  15. Guess it's just toning. Found a guy on the internet who had exactly the same issue and send a message to the (respectable) dealer from whom he bought the coin. This was the reaction from the customer service: "The dot on your coin is called toning. Unless a coin is kept in a completely air tight environment, it will eventually tone or tarnish over time. Our Pandas are received directly from a mint distributor of the Chines pandas, so something mot likely occurred during the minting process for this coin to tone so quickly. If any moisture (workers sweating) or any other foreign substance
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