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  1. Thank you for the interest @juansanto7 and everyone else who has enquired about the bars. These are now all sold and topic marked as complete. Can't thank all the buyers enough. Looking forward to stacking again very shortly.
  2. Pretty much! TSF buyers delivered yet again! I've still got the 2018 Perth Mint bars up for grabs, but in truth I've raised the immediate funds i needed and wouldn't be too sad if I was forced to keep them! 😂
  3. Very (very!) reluctantly selling off a portion of my silver stack due to change in personal circumstances and needing to free up some cash for projects at home. A bullion tube available, but mainly some higher premium stuff and some incomplete sets. Please PM/comment with any questions or requests for any additional photos. Most of what you see has been bought from the forum over the last year or so, or from reputable contacts/dealers you'll be familiar with. Intention was for these was to keep hold of them for the long, long, term – so they have been looked after as best as i could
  4. Hey @Coolsmp Is the Perth Mint tube for round coins, or rectangle bars? If rectangle bars, can I grab it? Cheers.
  5. Massive thanks to @MrScottsdale for this beauty. Finally got my hands on one!
  6. Ahem, yes. Sorry! On topic... Brits for me as first choice. I have a tube of the Royal Coat of Arms too from the Royal Mint. Bought 1, loved it so bought 5 more. Then I bought a tube. I have other bits and bobs (Perth Mint dragon bars) but the main focus is the Brits.
  7. And if I hadn't done my February (and March) budget already; I would be snaffling that up. 😝
  8. Today's delivery: A 2020 bullion gold sovereign to get Alun's beautiful box underway, some 50% 1920-1947 pre-decimal silver half-crowns comfortably under spot and a couple of half dollars from our very own @AgD
  9. @Jimmock kindly offered me his last 2 spare 2019 & 2020 Oriental Brits for exchange. Top guy - thank you! Lovely little things these.
  10. Some 50% pre-decimal Half-Crowns and the 2018 Oriental Border. Am after a 2019 & 2020 Oriental at some point if anyone has any going. 👼
  11. A silver Una just sold (allegedly) on eBay for £390 delivered. Meanwhile, Coin Connection still in stock at £325 ... 🤷‍♂️ Assuming H&B have sold theirs now as the link is no longer valid.
  12. That's a little too close to home (well, work) for my liking... Within sneezing distance in fact!
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