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  1. Hi Silver forum, im looking for 5 x 2018 perth mint dragon bars or more depending on price, if anyone has any for sale please let me know. (preferred in capsules) Thanks Silverback19
  2. no @Prophecy was just browsing, looking for deals, sweet for the link i have never used that before, i was only looking at 2020 sovereign specifically, top 3 cheapest dealers on that link all charge postage fees so, thought Atkinson's would have been the better deal as its free over £180, and shouldn't have to wait to long to receive order.
  3. the best price sovereign i have found is on Atkinson bullion for just over 7% above spot pretty good deal plus they ship within 3-5 days. a lot faster than other dealers at the moment https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins-(1)/2020-uk-full-sovereign-gold-coin
  4. Anyone successfully used this code with storaged items at european mint?
  5. Thanks for the reassurance @5huggy @[email protected] I Will take your words for it and I will have to wait and see, Happy Stacking!
  6. yes Transferwise have said that the funds have been sent . i have got a transaction receipt, but i was just worried the prices wont be kept or the order canceled as it will technically be over the 48 hour mark, thanks for the response as i don't know anyone that has used them before, it helps.
  7. Hi forum, i have ordered from European mint yesterday (Friday) and paid via transfer wise, and the order on European Mint website still says pending even though the money has been sent. This is the first time using transfer wise, is this going to be a problem for me as i think they're closed for the weekend, is my order still going to be valid and what will happen with the money i have sent if its past the 48 hour deadline ? please help or give advice people. Thanks
  8. thanks Martlet that helps. i guess i would have to make my order rather larger to make up for the shipping cost, ive got some thinking to do, thanks again
  9. Thanks, its not terrible shipping considering id usaully pay around £20 for european mint, i was just wondering if anything had changed with the vat situation because i can find a lot on here about them but nothing recent. thanks for your input
  10. Hi silver forum i am new to this forum and need some help with goldsiver.be. i am thinking of ordering from them but have only ever used europeanmint. Are they a legit dealer? as my computer says it is not safe when visiting their website? Plus does anyone know if you get charged VAT when getting items shipped to the uk?? Help would be appreciated //
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