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  1. Ha, that is the same chain I was talking about earlier who offered £80 back late last year.
  2. In November last year, I was browsing in a local pawn shop and out of interest asked how much they pay for sovereigns. £80. 'Oh, not for a half, for a full' Yes, £80 for a full. I was... a bit taken aback. Spot at the time was around £280. (note, I've run businesses and am fully aware of the cost involved in rent, insurance, wages etc, but that's a ridiculous price to offer).
  3. They are Australian, so I wouldn't think shipping would be much fun, it would be subject to VAT and probably import fees to I expect. Others may have more information that I though.
  4. Morezone sells the proper air tites. I got a tube and set of capsules the other day. I already had some of the other ones (lighthouse with air tite rings) and they aren't as nice/high quality as the proper air tites. Still good, just not as quality.
  5. Sovereign novice here. So I see (I think) that the rim at the bottom is thicker than the top. So the whole design is shifted, for want of a better term, north? Is there anything else interesting that I'm missing?
  6. More 'in the last week' than 'today. But thought I'd start a tube of sovs. All old victorias if I can keep to it. Love the young heads.
  7. You bloody star! Thank you!
  8. Ah, I was specifically looking for the actual tubes the capsules fit in. I think I need a 'T'. Something like £35 from ebay when shipping from America is added!
  9. Hopping on this thread... Has anyone found anywhere in the UK that sells the Airtite tubes? Ebay only has ones from America (with the shipping being £15ish). https://www.air-tites.com/storage-tube-coin-holders.htm
  10. Not sure if anyone posted the numista link for this one. I always find it useful. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces99670.html £343.63 @ cost inc shipping to UK (plus whatever bank fee you end up with for the currency conversion). £348.93 in gold price based on spot at this current moment.
  11. Interesting, I found this on another forum. I guess mine got put in another (earlier) case at some point. So I will now assume it is worth a fortune! 🤪 "As an aside, I particularly enjoy collecting the one pound silver proof coins which come in light blue cases. My favorites are the one pound silver piedforts which come in red cases beginning in 1987. The piedforts were cased in different colors each year from 1983-1986. (Cited from: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/royal-mint-case-color-significance.201020/)"
  12. Forgot to add my picture of the one I got off ebay. Strangely, it is in a blue box, when the others I see are in a red box. Foams the right size, so I don't think it's a 'normal' £1 proof case. Anyone got an idea?
  13. Oh and if he joins the forum, delete this post 😄
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