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  1. Sovereign novice here. So I see (I think) that the rim at the bottom is thicker than the top. So the whole design is shifted, for want of a better term, north? Is there anything else interesting that I'm missing?
  2. More 'in the last week' than 'today. But thought I'd start a tube of sovs. All old victorias if I can keep to it. Love the young heads.
  3. Ah, I was specifically looking for the actual tubes the capsules fit in. I think I need a 'T'. Something like £35 from ebay when shipping from America is added!
  4. Hopping on this thread... Has anyone found anywhere in the UK that sells the Airtite tubes? Ebay only has ones from America (with the shipping being £15ish). https://www.air-tites.com/storage-tube-coin-holders.htm
  5. Not sure if anyone posted the numista link for this one. I always find it useful. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces99670.html £343.63 @ cost inc shipping to UK (plus whatever bank fee you end up with for the currency conversion). £348.93 in gold price based on spot at this current moment.
  6. Interesting, I found this on another forum. I guess mine got put in another (earlier) case at some point. So I will now assume it is worth a fortune! 🤪 "As an aside, I particularly enjoy collecting the one pound silver proof coins which come in light blue cases. My favorites are the one pound silver piedforts which come in red cases beginning in 1987. The piedforts were cased in different colors each year from 1983-1986. (Cited from: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/royal-mint-case-color-significance.201020/)"
  7. Forgot to add my picture of the one I got off ebay. Strangely, it is in a blue box, when the others I see are in a red box. Foams the right size, so I don't think it's a 'normal' £1 proof case. Anyone got an idea?
  8. Oh and if he joins the forum, delete this post 😄
  9. Say 'I looked into that years ago and the advice I was given was 'xyz', I didn't buy anything though as 'convenient excuse (new baby? Car? something like that)' came up'. Then you can offer him some advice about it, but not reveal that you have stuff.
  10. It's probably worth remembering that bullion dealers don't get paid by the government to do this sort of thing, so they are hardly going to be highly motivated to do it. Why should they do HMRC's work for them if they aren't getting paid?
  11. Yeah, it sold in less than 2 minutes of posting and there were 2 interested parties, so I could probably have gone for a bit more. I took some advice from a bullion dealer who I buy off who said £160- £170 it would sell pretty much instantly (and he was entirely correct). Sold it for £30 more than I paid for it though, so I'm happy enough. The dust was a pain indeed! I did my best to get rid of it, but it was so small and only 3 years younger than me, so a bit of dust is to be expected I guess! Thanks for your comment. It was interesting to see peoples views.
  12. To close the thread. I sold it for £165 inc postage in the end (so £158ish). Thought I'd update the thread.
  13. Thanks, yes I saw that, I asked if the box/coa etc added any extra value on top. But I think I've got to where I need to be.
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