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  1. My understanding: over-leveraged hedge funds etc needed to liquidate something FAST.
  2. I use calipers to measure the rim thickness and cross-check with public specifications.
  3. Calipers + coin scales to confirm density, magnet slide test to confirm diamagnetism, then finally a ping test (because lead can pass the other tests).
  4. Many junior miners are missing, but the big names are there. Trading212 has iShares Gold Producers ETF, very similar portfolio to GDX
  5. I use Trading212, but am new to it. No fees, tight spreads. They offer an ISA, but can't comment as I am using the plain non-ISA account. Good selection of individual stocks, most available through fractional shares. Few are missing, one category I notice is smaller cap miners. They are continually adding more companies. Their ETF selection is ok. They cover the broad market ETFs, but lack specific funds like semiconductor and aerospace&defense. They have a gold miners ETF, but not silver miners (but they have most big names so you can mostly replicate it). Gr
  6. Likely cause for recent move: Sprott Silver Trust are raising $1.5 billion to purchase silver over next 25 months - https://www.silverdoctors.com/silver/silver-news/sprotts-goin-on-a-physical-silver-buying-spree (not the best site, but few are covering this). So, I think this move is here to stay.
  7. Are you willing to split? I am interested in the few pre-1920 British coins you have.
  8. I can also offer pre-1947 at same price - I'll join the queue.
  9. Can you upload a photo? At least to see the proportion of florins/shillings to pences.
  10. swanky

    UK Junk silver

    Through my purchases on ebay I established that most pre-1947 silver sells for 90-120% of melt value. Pre-1920 sells across a much wider range - circulated/low-denomination typically sold for 120-140%, but crowns and rare years hit 250%+. How does that compare to the scrap merchants you were buying from?
  11. I agree with what @Liam84 said. I also used to buy "junk" silver on ebay successfully, never had any issues or counterfeits, but I have enough now. I will just add - figure out a system for valuing coin lots before bidding/buying. Even with 0.500 British silver that is largely non-premium there is wide variety in sold prices, from 90% of melt value up to 160-170% (including bulk lots that have no business being that expensive). A system lets you snipe those cheaper lots.
  12. Except here Venezuela is not asking for gold or cash, instead for the gold to be sold to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to buy and ship medical equipment. Hard to argue against that.
  13. My belief from my experience is that this is the result of mint experimenting with composition. I have near-300g of pre-1947 ferromagnetic coins, ranging from subtle to moderate attraction, that all dated either 1921 or 1922 - 2/3rds are 1922, the other 1/3 1921. The coins pass ping test, have the right weight and dimensions, and exhibit typical circulation wear; they just fail the magnet test, sometimes only subtly. I am very skeptical that the Chinese would counterfeit these particular coins. Unremarkable years, low-value coins, and replicating circulation wear would not be worth their
  14. Maybe, but not what I do - that is rest coin horizontally on vertical finger tip then tap edge firmly with something hard.
  15. For claimed gold coins, verifying weight and size narrows material down to either gold or tungsten. Need a ping test to distinguish between those (gold pings nicely, tungsten thuds).
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