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  1. Except here Venezuela is not asking for gold or cash, instead for the gold to be sold to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to buy and ship medical equipment. Hard to argue against that.
  2. My belief from my experience is that this is the result of mint experimenting with composition. I have near-300g of pre-1947 ferromagnetic coins, ranging from subtle to moderate attraction, that all dated either 1921 or 1922 - 2/3rds are 1922, the other 1/3 1921. The coins pass ping test, have the right weight and dimensions, and exhibit typical circulation wear; they just fail the magnet test, sometimes only subtly. I am very skeptical that the Chinese would counterfeit these particular coins. Unremarkable years, low-value coins, and replicating circulation wear would not be worth their effort.
  3. Maybe, but not what I do - that is rest coin horizontally on vertical finger tip then tap edge firmly with something hard.
  4. For claimed gold coins, verifying weight and size narrows material down to either gold or tungsten. Need a ping test to distinguish between those (gold pings nicely, tungsten thuds).
  5. I use a "outside micrometer" myself. No electronics to fail, and super cheap. 0.01mm accuracy.
  6. swanky


    Have you performed a ping test?
  7. Hi Dave, I will take this off you. PM incoming.
  8. £390 is no longer 10% over spot. Would you accept an offer that was 10% over spot (at the time)?
  9. But not to the same degree. An offer to buy a 'sell at spot' listing is only affected by price movements since the offer was made (hours or a few days); a 'sell at £X' listing is affected by all price movements since its inception (days or weeks). And when the weekend comes around the price is locked in for two days, time to settle a 'sell at spot' listing without argument.
  10. The issue I have noticed with gold posts selling at a specific price, rather than quoting "spot", is if the spot price increases then the seller may ignore all potential buyer messages (one recent example of this), and if it falls then there are no buyers. A gold advert can be open for weeks, and in that time the spot price can move significantly up or down. Quoting spot is practical, and not difficult to calculate.
  11. I will chip in with the viewpoint of a buyer with funds, for what its worth. Although I am building up my bullion stash and could buy more, I feel it prudent to pace myself and spread purchases out. There does appear to have been more gold listed in recent weeks, but not necessarily more buyers. @sixgun I am curious about your experience with wholesale prices differing to retail. Is this because of additional costs for insurance and shipping?
  12. That poor neglected Britannia, I shall give it a new home. PM incoming.
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