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    Collect of thai coins from Rama IV to Rama 9 and World Crown Coins!

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  1. @shawy2510 Where did you get the slab holders for the NGC and PCGS holders?
  2. If you do buy them please use sigma or some sort of device to check!
  3. NGC USA has great customer service, sucks you had a bad experience with the UK office. I definitely think you should let them reholder for free and take them up on the free postage.
  4. Mkman123

    Old gold bangles

    Looks like your mom should go ahead and sell it to the friend for 5k pounds!
  5. @zhoutonged What made me think about this was that when I was in Thailand, I visited the gold stores and other collectible places......gold is king there. Easy to buy and sell your gold. Silver was a bit more difficult to find to buy and sell but doable. If I was to move to thailand, I'd stick with gold.
  6. @Lindeman This is one of the reasons why I believe graded coins will become more and more popular in Europe. The peace of mind knowing that what you bought is real vs possible counterfeit on a raw coin
  7. I want many people out there to think about liquidity when buying other metals.....rhodium, plat, palladium......these aren't as easy to sell honestly. Plat and palladium are easier to sell than rhodium but still it can be a pain. Gold and silver are easy to sell, especially gold. I stick with the metals that are more mainstream....gold and silver.
  8. Ma-shops is a great place to buy from. Good alternative to ebay if you don't like ebay honestly.
  9. @Bxlsteve Perhaps there is a member who will go sometime! I go to thailand at least twice a year and I always look for odd size gold and buy them and bring them back.
  10. shoot, looks like I gotta make a trip to India and take them out of the country. Perhaps anyone on the silverforum visits India they can do a group buy for members here? I'm sure lots of others would love to have difficult world bullion, I do, I think its interesting!!
  11. youngmetal stacker, I like these odd size pendants, where can people who don't live in India get them? Is there a site or whatnot?? Thanks!
  12. I get pretty attached to my metals, but once you put your foot down and sell one item, it becomes easier to sell more.
  13. More slabbed thai coins More slabbed world crowns Add some PMG/PCGS graded Thai notes Maybe occasional fractional gold such as older libertad at shows.
  14. welcome! Have fun in this hobby! Buy what you like, not what people tell you to buy!
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