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  1. ....... Mate, it's not going to happen anytime soon, it looks so fantastic in person, that 3D embossing in high relief is a work of art in my eyes.
  2. Hello dear collector friends, the Komsco from South Korea make beautiful things. I recently received the kilo of Archangel Michael with great pleasure. Small edition of only 333 copies. Here on the photos in solo and in the circle of other issues. Greetings from Maxe.
  3. You took a beautiful photo of this beauty. The 2oz are already great but the kilo is the absolute hammer. The Koreans have it down pat.
  4. Ich liebe diese Münze von der Gestaltung her sehr. Leider hat deine wie meine auch einen Milchfleck (links über der Krone). Liebe Grüße vom Maxe.
  5. Mir gefällt die Delfin Serie auch sehr gut, mein Dusky trudelt am Dienstag ein, mit anderen schönen Sachen.
  6. Simple and good, it shines so beautifully. Have a nice weekend, Maxe.
  7. It's just a shame that a lot of the shine has been lost on the new Koala. They should have stuck with the old format. Everything new is not always better. But that's just my opinion, many will see it differently. Have a nice Whit Monday, Maxe.
  8. I recently received a tube of American Eagle 2021 Type II with a new motif. And 100g silver bars from the Germania Mint Poland, I think they are nice things. Greetings from Maxe and a peaceful weekend.
  9. I love these beautiful motifs, thank you so much for the wonderful pictures. Maxe.
  10. Despite collecting for a long time, I have not managed to buy anything made of platinum because it always looks similar to silver to me. I know this is a stupid mania of mine, but what can I do? You have taken a beautiful photo again, daca. Greetings
  11. Hello dear collectors and stackers, I had to get these two beauties. Greetings Maxe.
  12. Thank you very much for your answer, I already thought that they were not minted in the deepest Atlantic on Saint Helena. Have a nice weekend and greetings from Maxe. 👍
  13. Hello, this fantastic piece also arrived this week. 5oz Gothic Crown Saint Helena. I love the design of both sides in Perfect Polished Plate. Can anyone tell me where these coins are minted? Many thanks and greetings from Maxe.
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