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  1. No one's wasting time making 1 gram fake bars especially one that is far more complex than the standard bars (with hologram)
  2. Haven't seen lower than lpm so far https://www.lpm.hk/2021-5-oz-australia-lunar-series-iii-year-of-the-ox-9999-silver-coin-bu.html Guessing the mint must have made a small batch of these considering the price? Might end up being a key date in lunar series iii
  3. 1oz gold -> 100 mintage 5oz silver bu -> 450 mintage 5oz silver antique -> 50 mintage crazy low mintage on all of these but the 5oz antique will be the key one - haven't seen such a low mintage for any Perth silver in recent memory
  4. In 5oz silver formats and 1oz gold.
  5. https://www.lpm.hk/promotional/china-panda.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=2021panda LPM have em up for pre-sale
  6. now up online! grabbed a few of these - I think these will do really well given how unique they actually look p.s. they have free shipping for collectible orders over 500USD so that can soften the blow if you can get the value up to that amount
  7. Just saw this pop up online - looks awesome! https://www.lpm.hk/2021-2-oz-niue-jurassic-world-999-silver-high-relief-antiqued-cracked-coin.html
  8. out now! https://www.lpm.hk/blog/australian-shipwreck-series-2020-1oz-zuytdorp-gold-silver-coin-bu/?utm_source=website&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=zutydorp
  9. coming soon! not sure when but cool design https://www.lpm.hk/2020-1-oz-australian-shipwreck-zuytdorp-999-silver-coin-bu.html
  10. what a crazy launch! From what I have seen, LPM is the cheapest by far. Everyone's inventory has either disappeared or started at such insane prices that it makes way more sense to just buy direct from LPM.
  11. not surprised if these will be at Black Flag prices in the next couple of days. mintage is technically lower on the BU
  12. these are going super fast but I got in early at 49.95USD for the antique and around 28USD for the BU - better get in quick on these!
  13. Officially has a launch time now on LPM's website! Better get in early when they launch as I can't imagine the premiums staying low with this mintage on both releases. http://www.lpm.hk/blog/2020-1oz-silver-zeus-bu-antique-coins/?utm_source=website&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=zeus2020
  14. That boat has sailed. I don't think they were available for under 26usd for too long a period even on day 1
  15. Guys, Just came across something awesome on LPM's website! http://www.lpm.hk/blog/2020-1oz-silver-zeus-bu-antique/ Pretty cool to re-visit this classic design in bullion format and with that mintage should be one of the releases of the year!
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