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  1. They don't have anything similar on there website which is a shame, website doesn't even look legit lol. Any chance you could screenshot the info you found or share what you searched to find it? Thanks
  2. Wow nice where did you find the info, can you share a link if you have it? I also found ones made by royal hawaiian mint but not the exact one just similar
  3. Yeh thanks. I've already gifted it to him. I want to know who made it so I can buy more from them. I know how much I paid for it I'm not interested in opinions of it's value, literally just info about this specific round.
  4. OK thanks I think maybe a letter 'k' inside a circle rather than a 'v'. yes I've seen many other midway coins, I have found a similar design that also do similar coins so will buy from them if I can't find out the maker of this one.
  5. OK np thanks for looking for me, its probably the latter. Tbh i like the whole round, the font everything and was hoping they made more similar ones. Closest I can find were some midway rounds from hawaiian mint but there just not quite the same.
  6. Thanks, That's who I bought it from but they unfortunately don't have any information on it. From what I've found out the best way to check for real 999 silver would be specific gravity test which I have done and I'm happy it's real and I'm happy the price I paid for it. I'm not thinking I've hit the jackpot or made loads of money. It was a gift for my grandad as he collects various war coin. I just wanted to know some information about it as I can't find anything online. It would be nice to know who made it, for many reasons. I wasn't trying to offend by calling you silver experts. If I wanted to offend you I'm pretty sure I could come up with something more offensive lol
  7. What you talking about my attitude. I bought the coin for my grandad and want to know information from people who would probably know more than me. I left it a month and got no responses so have bumped it 1 month later.
  8. I want to know as much as I can. I've done research and have found nothing hence why I'm asking for other people's input. Who made it? Someone kindly mentioned there was a mint mark, so I've blown up the pic to see if anyone knows as I don't know a lot about silver or coins or rounds etc. No need to be rude.
  9. All the silver experts in this group and no one knows anything about this one ???
  10. Thanks for response here's a better pic I've had to use this site as the file is too big https://ibb.co/DYdTJmM https://ibb.co/9yXpcB9
  11. I have this round and cant find any information about it anywhere. I've only done a magnet test and ice cube test to see if it's real 999 silver and it seems to pass both but I don't know how accurate those tests actually are. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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