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  1. Very exciting! Looking forward to hearing more. :)
  2. Welcome to TSF great bunch of people here that im sure will be very helpful!
  3. This is exciting. Their website still doesn't allow us to order grain, is this something we can do via the group orders or directly with you? Cheers,
  4. I grew up in West Yorkshire, lovely part of the world if you know where to look! Welcome to the forum
  5. Welcome to TSF, lots of lovely people on here to talk/trade/banter with.
  6. I did a few bars today and let the mould heat up for a good 5 minutes first, can definitely tell the difference with how the silver has taken to the mold. Especially on the sides. :). thanks for the tip!
  7. That would be a big old win for the lucky so and so!
  8. Agreed! Very impressive, and a big list! Basically 3 winners a day!
  9. I'll give that a try, thank you very much. I do always find that after a few pours my mold is better. So I should have put the two together and realised i just need it hotter 🤣.
  10. @MantisMetals47, thanks for the tip on heating the moulds. I usually have a blow torch on it for a minute or so before pouring but I guess I need to be more patient with it Thank you.
  11. Few of my first bars here. Not the best pours but I like them! I need some different shaped moulds now
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