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  1. Hope this time the capsule matter is fixed
  2. Hello, when do you think the next great engravers coin will appear?
  3. Hello, There is something wrong on the owl and lady britannia . If light is directed to the coin, the reflection on the owl and a part of britannia will become the same as the field. is it an error? thanks for help
  4. Hello, in 2017 the royal mint send with every proof sovereign a card "to certify your coin online and have your name included in The Royal Mint s 200th year of the Sovereign anniversary book." Any idea where can we find the book ?
  5. This is so unprofessional specially that he insisted twice to get a perfect coin and gave them the remark that the last coin may be defective because the capsule wasn't closed well by them .What to do in this case ? The coin in the market is getting higher and higher, by asking for a refund I think they will only give back the paid amount which is a big loss .
  6. Hello, my friend just received the replacement silver una and everything was looking okay .But when he is removing the coin fro the box , the capsule was open .there is some marks one the coin, some looks like dust form the box ,but other it isn't clear if it is dust or a defects on the Queen bust .Can you help us figured it out ? Thanks the 2 spots looks black due to light reflection in pic 3
  7. where the silver ones were sold for 900 euro?
  8. thank you guys for your help!
  9. Hello, A seller presented these coins to me a lebanon 1933 and 1929 50 piastres. Im a bit worried these coins are quite rare lots of fake available in the market do you think they are authentic ? Made from silver they are too bright for 90 years coin do you think there are cleaned ?.and if yes how much the lose value? what grade do you give them?
  10. it s the national post that refuses , do you know any private company who accept to ship coins ?
  11. my friend would like to return his silver una because it was defective ,he contacted the royal mint and they accepted to replace it .But he is living in italy , and the italian post refused to return it because its prohibited to ship coin in accordance to their policies . Any ideas how he can send it back would be highly appreciated .thanks
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