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  1. Been off this since Christmas as I have been trying not to buy gold and focus on the mortgage. has anyone started a gold/toilet roll ratio thread yet? 😳
  2. Just to play devils advocate on this one. Is it not also a way to stop criminals laundering their money through PM sellers? If I’m a drug dealer I can stash/move a lot more gold than I can paper money?
  3. @Mattwood198 thanks for my amazing Christmas gift. There is something so pleasing about hand poured silver. Great work mate!
  4. Wish I had a local bullion dealer! On the other hand I would probably have no money left for food!
  5. TheGeneral


    I would love Nazi gold for Christmas! Shame it’s not real.
  6. @Bullionbilly thanks again for organising this draw. It’s my first and I have been amazed at how smoothly you have run it. I have also been amazed at the standard of gifts (I will up my game next year) Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a happy new year.
  7. Should I treat my bullion coins as bullion and stick them all in the same pot or should I treat them with care incase they gain some kind of numismatic value in the distant future? I have a lovely new box for my bullion and am tempted to stick them all in the same drawer loose. My thinking is that I will only ever sell for spot price if I’m lucky so why treat with too much care? (Currently kept in tubes and capsules). as always I appreciate your experienced input.
  8. Merry Christmas all!! Hope you all have a great new year and double your stacks!!
  9. Merry Christmas all! Today i was lucky to receive a hand made three layer box from my father in law for all my bullion and collectible coins. The handles and brass hinge’s are recycled from scrap. All the wood was recovered from leftover cuts.
  10. I wonder what kind of call out @Bullionbilly is on? 🤔 I think he probably is a midwife 😂
  11. Cool. It’s my first time so I didn’t know how it worked. Thanks again.
  12. @Bullionbilly do you plan to get all the draws done before the last postal day? 🤔 Thanks again for jacking this up, no mean feat.
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