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  1. Well, it looks like there is no such thing. I am confused as I thought this would be quite simple. I thought I could just buy and sell online like any other commodity, but no, apparently not. Unless I have missed something obvious? Looking for a way of trading the gold silver ratios without having to phisically hold the gold and silver. Hmmmm
  2. Thanks for that I think I need a trading site rather than a vaulted gold site? Is there sucha thing?
  3. Hi all Not sure what it is called. I am looking for a website where I can buy and sell gold and silver and not have to have it phisically delivered to me. I must be able to buy and sell easily, without massive penalties. Or just trade one for the other when I want to? Is there anything like that? Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. That was certainbly the case for me. And it is turning out that my liittle 'nest egg' has come to my rescue just when I needed it!
  5. Thank you people very interesting reading. I think I agree with the thoguht that prices will effectively go sideways more than up for the rest of the year. And we will see more gains after that. I am just trying to figure out how much of a difference it would make to me both financially, and personally, if I delayed. I have money coming in from other places too, which will also invilve delays while paperwork is done and funds are transfered. To be honest I may be being a little optimistic thinking I could be in a new home by winter any way. But still, my life is held together entirely by ducta
  6. Yes, people keep saying that but I am not so sure....
  7. So where are prices going? I know. How long is a piece of string right? lol Just hoping to get some gut feelings from people. I am having to sell up the majority of my stack, I need to find somewhere to live before winter sets in. I can't face living in an old leaky van over winter in the UK I would freeze! So I am raking in every penny I can to try and find a little place to buy. I managed to sell a bunch of stuff a couple of weeks ago while pices were high. This was luck not judgement! lol So when will prices be going back up again? What do you think? My gut feeling is
  8. I have to keep selling regardless. I hope it goes up again soon but if not some people on this forum are going to get some bargains this next coupld of weeks. lol
  9. OK, so I have not been in the loop with PMs for the last 4 or 5 years, my stack has been in secure storage while I have been traveling. So I think it is time I revisit my spreadsheets and bring them up to date. What i am struggling with is pricing up the non bullion coins, the collectable stuff. With prices riocketing as they have my sheets are woefully out of date. So how do you work out what premiums coins are attracting these days? For example collectables like the SBSS range, or the Australian stock horse, or Perth mint lunars etc? Help and advice allways gratefylly receiv
  10. Put it towards a place to live. Silver at £30 and gold at say £2k I could sell enough to get a little plot somewhere. Would never pay for a house but a new van and a place to park it would be nice. In fact I'd prefer it! lol
  11. I'd sell at £30. That would give me enough for now!😁
  12. Hello! I wonder how many old friends are still on here? lol You may be wondering why someone who has been a member for so long is posting in the welcome new members section! lol Well I have been away for a while so thought it would be an idea to start from scratch. I was actually, I think, the 8th person to sign up for this forum back in 2014, and was a moderator for a year as Chris was growing the board. So what happened? Well, life stress, idiots, and unprofessionalism (Mostly but not only me lol) made it a good idea for me to take a break. I kind of threw all my toys out of the pram an
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