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  1. My family moved to Hong Kong in the 70's when I was a kid. We were there for 22 years, it's the only place that ever felt like home for me. Very sad what is going on there now. Not the same place I knew and loved all those years ago. 😕
  2. 18 coins left in the tube - will still give 5% discount if you buy all of them.
  3. 25th Aniversay Maple leaf, milky and spotty 2012 maple leaf small milk spot 2014 Falcon small milk spot 2012 Canada Moose, milk spot 2012 Couger CAn't see any spots on it but showing its age a little. 2013 1.5 oz Polar Bear. Slilghtly milky 1 oz coins £23 each and £35 for the 1.5 oz. Buyer pays postage. Cheers
  4. I have 5 old Somali elephant 1oz coins for sale. They are a bit milky and warn so selling at rock bottom prices! Selling for spot plus £1 So £22.60 at the moment. This will change with spot. Buyer pays postage. Cheers
  5. Small set of Perth Mint Lunar Goats. 2 oz , 1 oz and 1/2 oz. Very good condition, never been removed from their capsues. 2oz £58 1oz £28 1/2oz £14 Or make me an offer! Buyer pays postage.
  6. Bump! With gold soaring the price on this looks better every day! 😛 It does though! lol
  7. £35 plus postage per coin, 5% off and free post for the full tube.
  8. For sale, unopenned mint tube of 20 x 2014 Perth Minth Lunars, year of the horse. £600 plus postage
  9. I have a complete unopened tube of Perth Mint 2003 Cooks. I found these hard to price up as no one is selling them. I can only find one seller at the moment and that's goldsilver.de at £50! I think that's too high. How about £40 £35 per coin excluding postage. 5% discount if you buy the full tube?
  10. I have for sale: 1 open tube of 19 x 2012 Mexican Libertads, quite nice condition but some have been handled. 1 open tube of 20 x 2013 Mexican Libertads, good condition never removed from tube. £29 per coin 5% discount if you buy the whole tube. Plus postage.
  11. Price dropped by £100 to sell. Tube of 20 coins, never removed from mint tube. £500 plus postage.
  12. Tubes of 20 coins, never been removed from the tube, as delivered from the mint. Would rather not have to sell coins individually. Will accept an offer on the whole lot though. Armenian Noah's Ark 2011 1/2 Oz 15,533 minted Armenian Noah's Ark 2011 1/4 Oz 17,068 minted Armenian Noah's Ark 2012 1 Oz 457,576 minted Armenian Noah's Ark 2014 1 Oz 566,323 minted Armenian Noah's Ark 2014 1/2 Oz 87,563 minted Armenian Noah's Ark 2014 1/4 Oz 113,723 minted 1/4 oz tubes £200 1/2 oz tubes £320 1 oz tubes £540 Plus postage. PM with offers for multiple items.
  13. Selling my proof set of '97 Britannias. "The 1997 Silver Britannia Proof coin was the first of the Silver Britannia's to be issued. It was only issued as proof finish. The reverse was designed by Philip Nathan and shows Britannia standing in a chariot being drawn by two horses. The obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II designed by Raphael Maklouf." (Coppied from coinparade.co.uk) Mintage 4,137 This set has the usual problem of the 1/10th ounce coin being tarnished, although it is light compared to some I have seen! I understand this is a recuring thing with this set. Additionally, the COA is missing. Hence the lower price. £175 £150 including postage.
  14. In good condition. Never been removed from it's original plastic sleeve it came in from the mint. £1650 ono plus postage.
  15. OK, so I have not been in the loop with PMs for the last 4 or 5 years, my stack has been in secure storage while I have been traveling. So I think it is time I revisit my spreadsheets and bring them up to date. What i am struggling with is pricing up the non bullion coins, the collectable stuff. With prices riocketing as they have my sheets are woefully out of date. So how do you work out what premiums coins are attracting these days? For example collectables like the SBSS range, or the Australian stock horse, or Perth mint lunars etc? Help and advice allways gratefylly received
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