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  1. Willing to consider offers on these. Feel free to try me by pm.
  2. 1g gold panda as shown. Bought on the forum. £SOLD 1oz silver Britannia £SOLD. Oriental border £SOLD. Silver panda £SOLD. All come in capsule. 1921 Morgan dollar £SOLD. Victoria 1889 silver crown £SOLD. 1967 Canadian dollar .800 silver £SOLD. Victoria double florin 1890 £SOLD. p&p is extra and of buyers choice and risk. Payment by PayPal f&f or bank transfer. Being sent from within the UK.
  3. Sorry yes I made a mistake earlier 😂. New price added. Hope that's better. Free p&p withdrawn.
  4. Wow I c*cked that calculation up earlier 😂.
  5. In capsule as shown, hasn't been removed since I received. £SOLD plus p&p of buyers choice. Payment by bank transfer. Being posted from the UK.
  6. 1g gold bar as shown. £SOLD plus p&p of buyers choice. Item being posted from the UK. Purchased from a respected member on here. Payment by PayPal f&f or bank transfer.
  7. Sorry for the late update. My offering is a 1oz oriental border brittania and a rocking horse crown. 🎄🎄🎄
  8. This sounds cool 🎄 would love to take part, will get a prize together 👍
  9. It's 14ct gold going by the 585 stamp.
  10. @kimchi Sounds like the midges may be fungus gnats. If so the diatomaceous earth should work 👍
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