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  1. I would say there will be a time when dealers will be contacting you. The idea of the huge sell off in one hit doesn't sit right with me, IMHO selling of percentages of the stack over time allows you to stay in the saddle and ride the price higher, If you have stacked for a while ( lets say a decade ) and you unload a week before a huge run up, and then watched the value climb for the next 6 months that would be hard to take on the chin.
  2. interesting thread. regarding premiums, if everyone kept their powder dry the premium would come down. but obviously people are still buying ( me included ) so it wouldn't surprise me if it kept creeping up. And most importantly IMO the price for physical now, including VAT, is not that concerning. Could I save the price of a coffee and a bacon cheese sandwich ? yeah, of course. buuuuuuut when I unload at a greater price it will be tax free. ( reminds me of the old system in the betting shops. you could pay %10 on your stake or you could pay %10 on your winnings. Obviously when you h
  3. i was impressed with yorkshire bullion. received next day, flawless product and they are willing to wiggle a little on price. however at the moment buying low is all relative. the lowest prices per 1 Oz Britannia on ebay is around £33 with free p+p ( they are paying postage, ebay fees so its fair enough when compared with others ), I have used them in the past because I can collect and have absolutely no complaints with their service or product ( plus I imagine them in flat caps and clogs 😂 ). my advice would be to not be sucked into saving a quid and receiving inferior ( or fake )
  4. my early Brittania comes everywhere with me. You never know when you might need to bribe your way out of a quarantine camp or pass through a checkpoint.
  5. yup, when my barber is telling me all about silver I will offer to sell him some ( haven't seen my shoe shine boy around lately )
  6. does anyone else think that the manipulation has stopped and silver is just reaching for its natural level ?
  7. Hyperinflation: Wiemar, Germany January 1919 to November 1923 [Expressed in German Marks needed to by an oz. of ag. or au.]” Jan. 1919 Silver 12 Gold 170 May. 1919 Silver 17 Gold 267 Sept. 1919 Silver 31 Gold 499 Jan. 1920 Silver 84 Gold 1,340 May 1920 ( large pull back a year before the SHTF and the printing press went mental ) Silver 60 Gold 966 Sept. 1921 Silver 80 Gold 2,175 Jan. 1
  8. of course if 'currency becomes useless' the baker would not be paying his staff or bills, nor would he be purchasing materials to make the bread. best to hunker down and emerge after the 'starving hoard' have eaten each other ( couple of weeks max ) .
  9. feeling your pain, I have driven hours to collect in person what i consider to be large purchases ( although some may consider it chicken feed ). even when small purchases are in the mail the next day i imagine the deliverer rushing to the airport with my parcel and a suitcase , but of course it turns up without drama as i suspiciously eye the potential PM thief. keep us updated mate.
  10. let us travel back in time to May 1970 and place in a safe... £720 and 1000 oz of silver. we go back today and open it up, the cash is valued at £720.00 whilst the silver is valued at £14200.00. the cash will never appreciate in value ever, yet the silver will. I feel your glass is half empty.
  11. even if the "price" fell to $4 the real price would still climb. IMO the difference between spot and physical is making normies rub their chin, and to them spot looks like a steal. obviously im on the pysical ownership train but expect spot to keep climbing.
  12. you were sold a Nightingale but it turned out to be empty no refunds
  13. £543,750,000,000.00 oz nearest the bull wins right ? my guess is things will happen faster and sharper than the chart below. ( "By the end of 1923, one ounce of silver was worth 543,750,000,000 Deutsche marks. Unfortunately, the similarities to the years immediately preceding the Weimar hyperinflation are uncanny to our current fiscal and debt crisis.." ) quote from - https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/chart-of-the-day-deutsche-mark-silver-during-weimar-hyperinflation/
  14. 'is silver bullion dead in the UK' ? I would say its the complete opposite IMHO. I recently went to my local gold and silver shop thinking it would be a good idea to strike up some rapport and become a regular customer, he refused to sell me the silver coins he had in the window but obviously offered to buy any silver coins I had. he was unmoved when i was literally trying to stuff cash in his hand. we had an interesting chat and he pulled out a container ( about the size of a shoe box) full of old sovereigns and was eager for me to purchase them instead. true story. he was an o
  15. hey chronix. i think we all agree they are literally giving silver away when an ounce is compared to the price of a packet of fags or a pizza. on average i purchase about 10 ounces a month which soon mounts up. and there is something unsavory about banks claiming ownership of your currency which they loan out at interest or invest in stock and shares, plus if it goes pear shaped you take the hit. Stacking is pure common sense even if the value just keeps up with inflation. I only stack British coins due to the obvious advantages being exempt from CGT at a later date. finall
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