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  1. I've got a few lions. I'd be willing to trade them for some britannias.
  2. I'd be happy to take them. I'll PM you.
  3. Are these in capsules? Is delivery included at that price? Thanks
  4. Silverroller, I would also be interested in these if swanky does not take them
  5. Thank you for all of the welcome messages. I have to say of my experience so far, this has been the most polite corner of the Internet I have ever come across. You're a credit to collectors and stackers everywhere. Happy hunting everyone!
  6. Thanks, I'll definitely check that out!
  7. Just wanted to say hello as I have just joined the forum. I'm looking to stack up a modest amount of silver coins, ideally recent britannias although I doubt I'll be in any danger of needing the CGT free status. Otherwise I'll be interested in whatever is close to spot price rather than something on the more collectible end of the scale, but that may be subject to change as I get more involved -- no doubt that's how it happens for everyone. If you have anything which you think I may be interested in then please let me know, otherwise I'll see you around!
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