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  1. I'd have to look, I have various years. I know there is 2019, 2018, 2015,2016 and I'm not sure if I have any others
  2. I'd sell you a tube of ASE's for $675 + shipping
  3. This is the dip, buy while you can. just because you 'think' its expensive, doesn't mean it is.
  4. I would have to check the ship fees. give me a few mins to look at it.
  5. I have rolls of 20 American Silver Eagles for sale. Rolls I'm selling for this lot are: 3 x 2019 2 x 2018 all rolls are BU price is $660 per roll + $5 for shipping USPS with tracking # PPFF please Thanks! John
  6. I hear you. I was looking for interest before I pulled them out, took pictures and posted them. I'll go ahead and do it tonight though.
  7. I'm just trying to get a feel for current purchases of American Silver Eagles. I have quite a few tubes and am thinking of selling a tiny part of it. I know that premiums are pretty high right now. I was thinking of selling tubes of 20 - BU for $660. I'd like to see how much interest there is out there first though.
  8. The contracts being delivered now and the past couple months, dwarf the buyers from march...
  9. The investment in a mining company has zero barring on the price of gold.
  10. Jcollet

    Sold all my Gold

    This train has just begun pulling out from the station. Pay no attention to the noise. There will be big pullbacks in Silver, I would love a retest of the breakout from $19.50 . I will back up the semi truck, car, and bike if it does, I am very doubtful at this point though. If it did, it would be in the next month or two. I"m not a PM bull at all. Markets move in waves. I own all asset classes and always try to rotate into the sector in which is gearing up for a bull market. Right now, that is clearly PM's. This may be much larger than 2010/11 ever was. A potential monster. I wil
  11. Jcollet

    Sold all my Gold

    One of the best books ever written
  12. Jcollet

    Sold all my Gold

    Good for you for making some money. If that what helps you sleep at night. This is a new bull market in precious metals. It only happens a couple of times in a lifetime. I dont post often, but I've been around markets for a long time. There will be large percentage swings/movements up and down. Ultimately we will make new all time highs in most if not all precious metals. This will not be quick. You can make money by trading. But you get rich by sitting on your hands.
  13. this is silver making a move to bring the GSR to somewhat normal levels - thats what I see
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