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  1. gold target $1,980 Silver target $24 USD
  2. Thank you! One tube sold and I have a few left.
  3. Jcollet

    The coming Gold crash

    I didn’t know someone could be so bad at this.
  4. Sorry, it’s going to have to be tomorrow. Long day today.
  5. I’ll upload up close pics tomorrow. These coins are BU and still in original packaging. I’ll add a paper with name and date as well. Thanks for looking.
  6. There are no milk spots on this coin. Closes in two minutes. Good luck
  7. Thanks for the comment, they go for $40+ all day on ebay plus shipping.
  8. Auction will end tomorrow @ 20:00 Buyer pays postage - Their choice PPFF Minimum bids of $.50 please and thank you. Coin is BU
  9. I'm not sure I follow. Most companies, especially startups, need to borrow money for operations for an extended period of time. How is that any different than over levered companies? If that market wasn't there, then we wouldn't have any new entrepreneurs. The haves would always be on top. Look at the P/E ratios of new companies, they are much higher than large over levered companies. You have to take the bad with the good.
  10. What we will see is stagflation - maybe for an extended period of time. There will be many losers.
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