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  1. Yeah, cheers guys. I’m still very happy with it. It’s super minor but still quality control at Royal Mint should be better. appreciate the responses.
  2. Hey all. my 1oz 2020 Britannia Oriental arrived today. I love the coin but the queens face (nr cheek) has a very slight mark on it. Almost like a little dash sign. Would you return the coin? I’ll try to add a pic.
  3. Hi if you have one available for a decent price I would appreciate that. Thanks.
  4. I'm hoping maybe the original poster might reconsider or open up an option (hopefully a free one) for the members here. It's his decision but it would be a good thing for sure. A lot of us from the forum have passed on his site to others etc. Hashtag: BetterTogether.
  5. just logged on to your site and it now wants to charge for use. Disappointed by this. You could have said it was going to be a chargeable site. I might just do the same thing now and make it completely FREE of USE for the community here.
  6. Thanks for this advice @silenceissilver i really appreciate this and i agree better to do something monthly. Cheers.
  7. Guys, Good news i made my first purchase! Actually i should say purchases! I did say i wanted my first purchases to be something special. 1x 2019 UK Britannia Oriental Border 1oz Gold Coin 1x 2019 UK Coat of Arms 1oz Gold Coin 3x 2019 UK Full Sovereign Gold Coins Will now be collecting a 1oz each year hopefully and try to buy a Sov as and when i can. Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone, time to make sensible special purchases going forward Will post pics once arrived. 👊
  8. Awesome site, really helpful to me. Thanks very much.
  9. What a fantastic response. Thanks very much everyone. Really appreciate all replys and advice given. I'll post a photo of the first coin I buy here.
  10. Cheers guys. Now the real question is whether to buy right now or wait and see if price falls. I'd hate to buy at near £1300 only to see price fall to £1100 mark it was last month. That £200 could buy me a Sov! What would you do? Hmmm.
  11. thanks for your reply @CadmiumGreen i think i found a good price at coininvest. https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/the-royal-arms/1-oz-the-royal-arms-gold-coin-2019/ are they a good place to buy from? i think i will look to buy Britannia's and Sovereigns i just wanted my first purchase to be something a little special that i can treasure. fractionals is cool with me too 1/4 works for me. I would love a QB Lion if it was going for a decent price. what are good sovereigns to buy right now? Yes i'm looking forward to additional thoughts and recommendations.
  12. Hi all, New to this brilliant forum. I want to start my journey into collecting gold coins. I have seen one i really like the look of my aim is to collect 2x 1oz Gold bullion coins a year. Obviously price is important. The coin i am looking at currently is: https://www.coininvest.com/en/gold-coins/the-royal-arms/1-oz-the-royal-arms-gold-coin-2019/ Do you think this is a good choice,? Am i starting too late? Are there any other gold coins you can suggest which may be better priced or worth considering. Any help and advice
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