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  1. Please could you place me on the waiting list. If 105 becomes available to match my one ounce, that would be lovely.
  2. Airhead

    Sell some?

    Unless you clip an erratically driven dodgy transit. And I am unsure if the driver was called Gloria.
  3. In this market I would say a proof quintuple Sovereign at 4 or 5% above spot is a good deal. The absence of papers is not too much of a problem as you can get it graded by NGC which if the coin is in good condition will add considerably to its value.
  4. I’m surprised that fake news hasn’t accused Israel of going nuclear in Beirut. The secondary blast did look a bit mushroomy.
  5. On first reading this my initial thought was proceeds of crime, but I am rather cynical these days.
  6. Yes it was indeed a Pink Floyd track, things were a little hazy back then😗
  7. I am reminded of that Hawkwind track “Interstellar Overdrive”, sorry miss-spent youth.
  8. Airhead

    Still buying sovs?

    I only ever buy my PMs from the forum, I have saved the cost of membership over and over again. I have always wanted a 1989 Double Sovereign and one popped up at a fair price last week. Now just waiting for spot to narrow the margin.
  9. It might be that you need to create a port forwarding rule on your firewall to allow excel to use port 8080 (https). It is a problem I have come across myself when mucking about with internet type things. Computers do not have inherent intelligence they have to be told what to do🙂
  10. Airhead

    The coming Gold crash

    I think, from reading his posts, he just likes winding people up. Nothing especially wrong with that, if that is how you get your jollies and people don’t mind indulging you. It is after all an open forum.
  11. If I remember from my time doing a stint as IT support the versions of Excel do have a bearing on functionality and the handling of macros embedded in historic files. Also make sure that the required add-ins are installed and enabled. It could be something as simple as the difference between http and https in the address.
  12. I realised the typo but left it in for a grin, not ex military are you by any chance?
  13. I did manage to pick up two Sovereigns for a very good price from a Porn shop which closed down a couple of weeks later. They were in the window and the price did not change even though spot was starting to climb. So I thought well if no one wants them... Cost £280 each and being a bit of a noob thought gosh aren't they shinny they must be proof but I realised that I was just being silly when I joined the Silver Forum. Checking with jewelers can sometimes turn up the odd item of interest. there is one near me who keeps a few sovs in the safe and sells them close to spot as they are used and not new, not that I mind that 🐵
  14. I think I may be keeping my powder dry for the moment, the price has risen too fast to be sustainable so l am wondering if a pullback or correction may occur. I have seen these spikes in the past and you usually see a corresponding drop a little while after. I know the fundermentals May be a a little different but I would prefer to see a gradual rise in price. It is exciting though. 😲
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