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  1. One of the new 1 oz Britannias might be nice, a lot to liquidate in one go, although as has been said on the forum before with the margin/spread on fractional coins it might be best to stay with Sovereigns.
  2. Its hard to get ones head round that much shinny goodness, well done.
  3. I read in the Telegraph that one of the ways being considered of raising revenue is by harmonising the rates of CGT and PAYE. On the Silver front I was wondering if they would remove VAT on RM Coins, being notionally coin of the realm, and keeping it on everything else. Well one can dream.
  4. If you are primarily a stacker then keeping to the most liquid easily sold coins are probably the most sensible way Obviously there are the odd coins that has a design that might interest you, but will they command a premium when it comes to sell. One of the Perth Mint dragon bars would probably command a higher premium over spot compared to say a Niue Owl. Although someone who likes Owls may pay more. Regarding the mining of asteroids, yes I can see this happening it is the primary motivation for establishing a colony on Mars, the IANA has already assigned domains for most of the pl
  5. While browsing Fleabay I came across a coin that had apparently been graded. I have heard of LCGS, NGC and PCGS, but not the one given in the listing and was wondering if it was legitimate or if someone was being a bit creative. Not casting aspersions, but being rather ignorant of the finer points of coin collecting I was wondering. I have searched the interweb but have not turned anything up. https://preview.tinyurl.com/yxqb7uq4
  6. The easiest way of determining the metal content is to take it to a good jeweller or bullion/coin dealer. Other methods are a specific gravity test Or post pics here so we can have a gander
  7. Airhead

    Sold all my Gold

    Not being an armourer I am unsure if it would work, but perhaps plating the inside of a lead proofed barrel with something such as Nikasil. I do realise that I risk being whipped for suggesting such sacrilegious practices.
  8. Definitely wait for one to come up on the forum, I only ever buy from the forum as I know I can trust the people here, unlike flea bay. I purchased one a couple of months ago for £960 including postage. Only a PF68 but my old eyes would not know the difference between a 68 and a 70 if it bit me on the leg. I did see chards has one for sale at £1995 which is the top end of what you would have to pay. https://www.chards.co.uk/1989-2-pound-double-gold-sovereign-500th-anniversary/6494
  9. Please may I have two with the display capsule. Many Thanks
  10. This link link will take you to the latest listings https://www.thesilverforum.com/latest-listings/ This one is for the root https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/115-uk-europe/ as you are UK
  11. Very sound judgement HighlandTiger, I too keep away from specials and pretty coins (proofs) as the market is rather fickle and subject to the whims of fashion. With the recent increase in the spot price of Silver my head is above water and would like to keep it that way. Although I may break my rule for the last QB. When valuing my silver stack I always work on spot price and avoid factoring in what generic coins are being sold for, so a bog standard Britannia is worth £20.91 (as I type) no more and no less. The same with 2019 Dragon Bars and Queens Beasts.
  12. The only reason signal level contacts are gold plated is due to corrosion as you say, but it is a very thin coating so you do not have the massive increase in impedance if the connector was wholly made of gold. The use of gold as a finish to the covering to satellites is for the reason I stated that it tends to reflect more of the red end of the spectrum ie heat. If you wanted to reflect all wavelengths such as telescope mirrors you would use silver. It is the first time I have heard the industrial uses of gold as a support for the metal it is usually used as a perjorative against s
  13. Not exactly true with regards the uses of silver. Gold is a c**p conductor of electricity compared to silver with silver having a much lower resistivity lower than copper. Silver will reflect light efficiently and at all wavelengths gold tends to favour the red end of the spectrum. It will also conduct of heat with an efficiency only beaten by diamond. It is also a very ductile metal. Gold does look pretty though.
  14. If UK banks were to fail and people were to loose the money held therein, transferring your money to a brokerage account would be the least of your worries, roving gangs of disgruntled creditors and how to defend your spuds would be your main preoccupation.
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