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  1. Airhead

    US Gold

    Does any nation possess the amount of gold that would cover US M1/M2 money supply?
  2. Airhead

    US Gold

    So is the President saying that the gold at Fort Knox is not as great as has been stated in the past (cat out of the bag)? or That at the current value of gold, the amount of gold the US holds can no longer cover the amount of dollars that have been printed? Hmm, tricky one that. .
  3. Number 105 if available please, although if not then any other will be fine Thank You
  4. I do like the 1989 Sovereign, unfortunately it is one of the ones that increases in value year on year it seems, hence why I don’t have one☹️
  5. My own opinion for what it’s worth, probably not a lot, is that the price of silver is like a spring being compressed at both ends, from below by fundamentals and from above by those with a vested interest in keeping the price low. It would only take the vested interests to loose the plot and the Silver price would go rather higher than people expect.
  6. Airhead

    queen's beasts

    Have to agree with you and two ounce in such a lovely lump. I took to examining the coins with a magnifying glass and even the bullion coins are stunning, my favourite is the Dragon with the scales on the Dragon’s neck shimmering as you move the coin.
  7. I would have thought that if you purchase primarily from reputable dealers the expense of a Sigma device would not necessarily be worth the financial outlay. Dealers should check the veracity of the bullion they sold you as a matter of routine. If you are thinking of purchasing from ebay and other irregular channels, then perhaps a Sigma would be useful although being in London any coin you thought suspect could be assayed on the counter of most bullion dealers.
  8. Had a quick look at the Hatton site and was wondering, are they actually allowed to market something as a Sovereign if they are clearly not a RM produced coin?
  9. Although the majority of banks stopped supplying deposit boxes a while ago, a number are starting to reintroduce the service. Lloyds and Metro are two that I know have started to market the service at some of thier branches. I always feel quite envious when I see the vaults that even small high street banks have, you do get an odd feeling imagining what must have been stored over the years, crates of sovereigns perhaps.
  10. If there is still some available in a few days time the Buy and Sell section has some marvellous items for sale from reputable forum members at the moment. A few 2oz Queens Beasts would probably suit you down to the ground, 2oz is a lovely lump, and a Queens Beast is a nice introduction to the Numismatic side of things IMHO which may appreciate quicker than bog standard bullion. I myself am trying very hard to resist the collector urge as I am unsure where it will end. Whatever you do buy the general consensus is I think is to enjoy what you stack/collect.
  11. What I like to to tell myself, mostly to justify the purchase of nice shinny things, is that while prices might be a little stiff at the moment the Gold/Silver price ratio is currently 115 which historically is a little crazy especially when you consider the rarity ratio is closer to 9 (no I have not omitted a zero). I may well be deluded but something will have to give at some point.
  12. Whilst being a relative newcomer myself, I would say buy whatever presents itself to you at your level of financial comfort. The current situation means that PMs have high margins at the moment but things will get back to normal. It might be an idea to do a bit of research and routing about in the forum as there is a wealth (sic) of information contained here. A forum member @Darr3nG has written a good website for comparing gold prices http://goldprice.eu5.net I dare say there will be lots of people about with much more experience than myself happy to offer advice and upgrading your membership is a good idea also.
  13. Seti is still running, sort of. I have not seen a project on BOINC specifically targeting Covid19 research, but that does not mean one does not exist, could be RNA World: "RNA World seeks to identify, analyze, structurally predict and design RNA molecules on the basis of established bioinformatics software".
  14. The kicker for me personally is that when Bitcoin mining was just starting I was undecided so joined the [email protected] project rather than mine bitcoin with my un-utilised CPU cycles. Well they say hindsight is 20/20, never discovered any aliens either.
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