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  1. Seems quite good although trawling though as many dealers as you can sometimes show up good deals. The best place to buy Sovereigns is right here on the forum, although you would need to upgrade your membership to see listings as soon as they are posted.
  2. In that case forget Silver and buy gold. Either 1oz Britannias, low margin, or bullion Sovereigns, very liquid.
  3. But I would not think about silver at the moment in any shape or form unless as a collector you had a hankering for a particular numismatic dainty.
  4. With Bairds they will guarantee to buy anything in your allocated holding.
  5. Because you do not take physical possession, it just sits in thier vault.
  6. There is a dealer directory section of the forum. Living in Essex, the cheapest option would be Bairds for Kilo bars, works out at £19.38 an ounce but you have to add vat, unless you opt for storage.
  7. 1865, Birmingham Assay, 18 Caret. H&S is the maker, haven’t a clue.
  8. Airhead

    First world problems

    “As children, Burke and Hare would often be found practicing the skills that would bring them such fame in later life”
  9. Very informative thank you. One thing I would mention in a friendly way, if your location is your actual address you might want to change it to be a little less geographically specific, for obvious reasons.
  10. With all the hype and venality that accompanies RM releases I would prefer to save my money and buy a young head Victoria shield back. The quality of modern sovereigns are not the same as earlier ones IMO.
  11. Just a quick update, Atkinsons were very helpful and will swap the coin. Marvellous service.
  12. Sorry if I am crashing the topic, but after examining my own Completer seems to have a bit of a nasty scratch also. In the picture it is between the O and the Z. Not a very good picture sorry. I purchased it from Atkinsons and was wondering if it is worth contacting them or is it just something one has to just put up with as it is a bullion coin.
  13. Airhead

    1917 Sovereign

    Whilst I would not say I am an expert, as far as I know if it is from the London mint then there will not be a mint mark. Only those minted in the (as then) colonies will have mint marks. Someone will be along soon to give a definitive answer, but it looks ok to me.
  14. Just received from RM “Thank you for your interest in the Three Graces 2020 UK Two-Ounce Silver Proof coin. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming popularity of the product, by the time we received your order for processing, the item was no longer available and is now off-sale. Any other items ordered are being processed and will be despatched in due course. Your card will not be debited for the item shown above. We are extremely sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience caused. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, Jess”
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