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  1. Interesting, I wasn't really thinking of it that way HH. So are you suggesting that when the dealers buy get more coins in with the lower spot level we should see the price of the coins etc fall, or given the demand would it be fair to say they would just add a larger premium on what they buy in as stackers of physical are prepared to pay it even when the spot is low? What I'm trying to work out is whether say £14 Oz is the floor for the physical given that you can't source anything cheaper elsewhere and there is this rush on silver?
  2. Does anyone use the likes of Bullion Vault to purchase silver or platinum? All allocated and you only pay the VAT if you withdraw, although there are some relatively high holdings you need such as 1000oz for silver and 1kg for platinum - a good way to get exposure to the price without ETFs?
  3. 😂😂 Added 0 minutes later... 😂😂
  4. I am also looking into purchasing a 100oz bar, very pleased to see this thread! I was expecting to see the premiums far closer to spot but can't am not having much luck. Any recommendations on where to get the best price for this kind of size from a reputable source?
  5. 😂 Must have clocked off early on the Friday before the BH weekend!
  6. I am a still waiting on mine purchased early 05 August! Last time I called they said it should be delivered on Saturday, but nothing!
  7. First post! Hi all! Picked up 25 2017 Silver Brits this week. Should they have the shadow underneath the extended arm? Its on every coin but kind of appears out of place/like a mark?
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