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  1. Just went on Ebay. 1 circulated silver dime, the cheapest is $2.25!
  2. Congratulations on you stacking for the first time. The best deals I've found has been on Ebay for 90% silver. The silver paper spot price has definitely dislocated from the physical price. Just got off the phone with my LCS. $8 over spot on 2020 ASEs. $7 over spot for any other year ASEs. Will pay $3 over spot for any year ASE. Ebay is better than my LCS, but Ebay isn't part of my local economy. Good luck with your stacking.
  3. My LCS told me when the silver price was nearing $50. The line of people buying went out past the front door from FOMO.
  4. That's OK, on the Queens side on one, has a noticeable scratch. I try to buy 2 of coins, hoping to get 1 good one. Are you talking about the face of the rim where the scratches are?
  5. Hello Cosmosaic, From what I understand in the US. Constitutional and Silver eagles are both legal tender. Capitol gains taxes on legal tender (gold & silver coin) is nothing up to $1,000 face value. 14 dimes ($1.40) = 1 oz.. 1 oz silver eagle equals $1. The better profit would be on the silver eagles IMO. All rounds and bars are subject to capital gains taxes from 1 oz or more.
  6. Chicagodogs

    Show me yours

    Only one 2 oz silver Queens Beasts left! The series came in with a roar. Will the last coin end with a yelp? I don't think I'll collect a complete set again. Even with one 2 oz left, I still need three silver 10 oz to complete that set. I hope I can complete the 2 sets before silver goes to a hundred an ounce, ouch.
  7. I believe April will be a very good month for gold and silver.
  8. I had virtually the same thing happen. I paid a $100 premium for a slabed 10 oz Queens Beasts Griffin. Flawless when I bought it. After a few months a milk spot formed. Looked at the picture of it on the NGC website, no hint of a milk spot. The NGC rules on milk spots are basically an act of God and you have no recourse. I had bought 2, I cracked the milk spotted one open and used a rubber eraser on it. Now you can only tell if you look for it. No more premium slabed coins for me.
  9. Opening a Sentry safe with a magnet.
  10. That experience was bad! Waited 10 minutes before the sale. Logged in kept hitting refresh. Then high noon, i get one put in my cart, then "oops something went wrong". Kept re logging in, " oops something went wrong", finally get to check out, "oops something went wrong". Get back in check out, hit enter payment, "sorry item is no longer for sale"! All in 16 minutes, poof it's gone. Very disappointed!!!!!
  11. Your right, some are brass or copper. If plated either the weight or dimensions will be off. Comparing to known real coin would be another way of checking. I saw on the field of a plated fake, little bubble like blemishes. And the inscription wasn't crisp.
  12. A couple of JP Morgan silver traders got indicted for silver manipulation. I heard something about silver shorts at the end of December. Another about taking delivery from the Comex it doesn't have in December. Saw a video, there is more above ground gold than silver. The dollar to silver ratio is now $1,047. With banks failing in India and China, people will run to the dollar and raise it's value, in turn hammer silver. But since September 11th the Fed is trying to contain the repo market. By injecting $6 billion a night since. Throw in a black swan, could moon shot by next year!
  13. Get a neodymium magnet for the Morgans. They are a highly counterfeited coin, especially mint marked "CC" Carson City. Silver is non magnetic, if you don't know. There are some very good forgeries. Also, weigh them just to be sure. Even some coin shops get duped. The 90% junk silver, dimes, quarters and halves are about the safest. Good luck to both of you!
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