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  1. I have one, amazingly. https://ibb.co/RDkCDkg https://ibb.co/KycFgS2
  2. The want is strong on this.
  3. Updated listing to show dates available for ASEs and ATBs. Also entertaining exchanges. I'd like to pick up some 2 and 5 peso mexican gold.
  4. ZGrizzlyWord

    for exchange over

    @kyslugWelcome to the forum. I'm game, but I'd be closer to 62 ASEs for 80 generic rounds (you can see my posting on the moster box I have with various dates). Would these be coming in tubes or loose? Since you are new here, I would prefer you to ship first.
  5. @LP2 Yes, you can private message here on the forum. Just click on my name and more options will pop up, one will be to send a private message.
  6. I decided to sell some of my eagles. If there is a particular date you are looking for that isn't shown, please let me know, I might have it. Price is $730 (@ spot of $27.50/oz) for a tube of 20 and includes shipping (PPFF or check). Yes, that is a blue ATB monster box in the background. If you are looking for ATBs (mostly 2015-2020), let me know, they would be closer to $200 each, unless they are a rarer variety (like ozark or denali, I don't have some of the ultra rare ones like volcanoes). Years of eagle tubes available: 2004,2008,2014,2015,2016,2018,2019,2020. Wiling to exch
  7. @keevan I saw a Russian gold piece at my coin dealer today, it was approxiamately 0.11oz of gold content. I didn't really notice it much, so I didn't check the denomination. Is that the 10 ruble version? If so, do you want me to get it for you and what is your price?
  8. Carlos, you sniped a 5 month old post and disappointed you didn't get a response in 12 hours? Sorry, but I think you're expecting a little too much.
  9. Each $1 face value has 0.600 oz of silver. At current spot ($26), price is $190 per roll. Free shipping if you buy all five. Price is for PPFF. Add an extra 3% if you select G&S. Priority mail shipping is $8 within the USA. Insurance is extra.
  10. Price is $3.00/oz over spot (so currently $3,072), using PPFF. Add an extra 3% if you select G&S. Priority mail shipping is $8 within the USA. Insurance is extra.
  11. PM sent (in about 2 mintues).
  12. As the subject states, I am looking for 5 or 10 peso gold coins from Mexico. Obviously looking for low premium over spot.
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