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  1. What would you pay for three 100oz JM bars? I would be looking for $2025 each. I do have some RMC and Silvertowne kilo bars if interested as well.
  2. I have kilo bars (poured silvertown) and RMC bars. However, looking to get $660 each. If you want more than one, I can reduce a little due to less shipping cost per item.
  3. Yeah, the handles are hollow and sterling, the blades are stainless. Amusingly enough, I can't even find the set right now. I have looked everywhere, 42.4 toz of silver and I can't find it...ugh.
  4. Interested in sterling silverware or does it have to be 999?
  5. @ali187 I can ship to the UK, the price is a little higher than I would think, about $40 extra (for priority mail, about $25 for first-class). I am not certain how much insurance might be.
  6. These are left from my previous posting. $315 by PPFF, shipping included. If you want five, it's $160. If you want a roll of 20, let me know and I'll create the listing ($610). Otherwise I'll keep the roll of 20.
  7. I might bite. Would you be interested in a trade for a tube of 2012 Perth Mint Year of the Dragon 1 oz Silver coins? Might be also willing to part with some 2.5 and 5 Mexican peso gold, but I'm kind of tight fisted on my gold right now.
  8. So tempting, but I just can't bring myself to buy at the premiums right now. Good luck with the sale.
  9. I wouldn't mind helping you with this. Did a little searching on Goldine, couldn't find it there, I did find mention of it here: https://goldco.com/silver-ira/royal-mint-silver-lunar-series-coins/ I haven't called them yet though.
  10. Down to 10 coins. I made a seperate listing for the 5 coins that have some cracking on their capsules.
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