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  1. Price is spot plus $2.75/oz. Shipping for one, two, or three is $8 via USPS. Signature + $2.50. Will insure for 1.1% of purchase price. Shipping is at buyer’s risk. All items will be tracked, but I cannot be responsible for what happens on your porch. Payment via PPFF (no comments) or + 3.5% for G&S. If you want to have items shipped by UPS, message me for cost.
  2. Interested in 2 and 2 1/2 gold peso. PM sent.
  3. Wow. Very nice stack. Good luck with sales.
  4. I have bought and sold items here on the forum. I highly recommend you try selling directly to others through The Silver Forum. It's better for everyone.
  5. Just thought I would update everyone that I actually got a response from the mint today. They have changed where they put 2020, which is now Year-dated coins versus the previous sales totals by month (see screenshot below), so here is the link. Looks like 45k per design. https://www.usmint.gov/about/production-sales-figures/bullion-sales?program=America+the+Beautiful+Silver+Bullion+5+oz+Coin&+AmericatheBeautifulSilverBullion5ozCointype=Year-dated+coins+sold&+AmericanBuffalotype=&+AmericanEagletype=&AmericatheBeautifulSilverBullion5ozCoinSalestotalsbyMonthyear=&Americ
  6. I've heard coffee cans work well, especially holding 90% loose coins. Also seen Velvetta boxes used to conceal slabbed coins.
  7. I have contacted the mint several times over the past months and all I get back is, "Thank you for letting us know, we'll look into it." Here's the link for 2019, 2020 just isn't available as an option. https://www.usmint.gov/about/production-sales-figures/bullion-sales?program=America+the+Beautiful+Silver+Bullion+5+oz+Coin&+AmericatheBeautifulSilverBullion5ozCointype=Sales+totals+by+Month&+AmericanBuffalotype=&+AmericanEagletype=&AmericatheBeautifulSilverBullion5ozCoinSalestotalsbyMonthyear=1017&AmericatheBeautifulSilverBullion5ozCoinYear-datedcoinssold
  8. I know, I feel vindicated because I saw it coming for years but never saw a solid return. It still pains me to see what is happening and what will happen. There is going to be a lot of pain out there for a lot of people.
  9. As a Silver Forum member, I'm obviously into the shiny metals. The price going up is definately good for me financially, so why am I sad? Because the price is going up due to: - Money printing/National debt/Economic activity - Social Unrest - Escalation of tensions with China America has sowed the wind and reaping the whirlwind. We call evil good and good evil. People are rushing to metals because they are afraid of what is next. Sure I want to have wealth that survives the test of time, but I want to enjoy my wealth in freedom and in peace.
  10. Has anyone seen the American Silver Eagle prices on APMEX (for prior to 2020)? Is anyone willing to buy at these prices? I'm sure their buy back price isn't nearly as high, or else I would be trading a bunch in for generic silver.
  11. Are you willing to split this up? Would be interested in the halves and quarters.
  12. @Henryballard84Yes, they are all the same coin. Coins are minted from soveriegn mints. Rounds are made by private producers.
  13. @Henryballard84 Please be sure to use the username callout when replying so I know you are looking for me. I didn't get a notification of your reply. 5 - $160 10 - $315 20 - $610
  14. @Dango Thank you for your interest. Sorry, but that is almost $2/oz below what I was asking and spot is up since my orignal posting. I would be closer to $2k for all three.
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