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  1. Shipping with insurance up to €2000 across Europe costs around €20. But because this is the first time I am selling I will ship it free
  2. Around €1100 is ok with me
  3. Hi There, Looking to sell my 14kt Goldring. Just a simple Solitaire briljant diamond ring. This is a creation of one of my projects. Diamond is 0.44 ct, Has Colour G and an orangy fluorescence. The clarity is IF. Thank you for taking your time to look at the ring. I can send you the certificate on request! Have a nice one boys!
  4. Thanks Roy, I appreciate your support! You sound like a cool guy!
  5. Nope lol, going there for the first time. But I made a friend online. He is from the same native country (The Netherlands) online he has been living there for 20 years so he is going to help me stay alive lol
  6. I dont know, maybe melting them and turning them into my own coins! Maybe backyardbullion want it so he can make coins of it haha. But it's important to do everything correctly and according to the law. Really not in the mood for any trouble lol
  7. thanks for the constructive critisism!
  8. Ah I understand u mean like illegal mining activities.... The guys ive talked with are pretty cool. they even showed me goverment documents. showed them to the embassy and they confirmed and its cool. but i guess im not talking with businessman but with end consumers
  9. Whats dirty about it?
  10. local mining groups in the amazon, angola, namibia. When u get to the source you can get it cheaper. But it has alot more risk. Going into the amazon to buy some gold with cash might be a suicide mission xD. But im willing to risk it.
  11. TheSilverSurfer

    Gold import

    Hello there dear friends, Its been a while.... Been doing some research I think I have found a place where I can buy 22k Gold below the market price. I'm gonna check it out soon and if eerything is good ill buy some. Would anyone here be interested in buying the gold i might import? And if so? Under what conditions ? You'll probally get it at spot price Added 0 minutes later... To be fair, I dont have a lot of experience in import export, so if you guys have any tips, that would be a tremendous help for me
  12. And to to add to that, not all their liquids should be solid. But around 10% or enough to encounter 6 to 12 months of costs
  13. Every business keeps emergency cash for when times are rough, by buying PMs they protect that cash from inflation or deflation. It’s like an insurance policy
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