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  1. Have been putting small sums of savings aside for times like this, depending on what happens tomorrow with Spot Silver, hopefully will end up having done a comfortable purchase of ASE's (American Silver Eagles). Also within my budget, is enough to walk out with .925 Sterling for projects, and other .999 for my own silver pours in bars and rounds. So that everyone here understands, the measures I take to preserve my capital are not for wanting the U.S. Dollar or U.K. Pound to be devalued for my benefit, it is history that warns us to pay attention, to take measures to preserve what little capit
  2. Agree. Was kinda expecting this to happen, but did not think drop would happen this soon.
  3. From Tropical storm Imelda, I recorded over 11 inches of rain. Eleven years ago, I had 45+ inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey. I am on high ground here. Got to keep my stack dry!
  4. Yep, this morning also. As long as spot is below $20.00, I continue to buy and stack. Been sitting or cash for opportunity like this. As I type this, spot is at $17.32 USD.
  5. My local business (LCS) has not shown a shortage of anything but 2019 American Silver Eagles. When I visit, their display cases have a wide variety of items, and upon request, more in secure vault.
  6. It did not occur to me, from the start of the 100G bars, to video of stamping of numbers and learning other details, that I would learn so much, and really enjoy all of this. I imaging all 100 bars are going to some interesting locations around the world! I know at least 'one' bar is coming to Texas!
  7. Cheers, welcome to the Forum. I am also new here.
  8. I am interested in knowing how long it takes for BYB to sell all these bars.
  9. Yep! I am on Kitco website, monitoring the spot silver market. And yes, I have bought AG at over $22.00 USD, and will continue to do so until it gets near $25.00 USD per ounce. We've all watched the ups and downs, and right now, I feel Silver is still cheap at current price. Greetings to everyone on The Silver Forum from my location near Houston, Texas!
  10. Exactly. I will continue to buy, but as we get closer to $22.00 USD per troy ounce, I will be taking a very close look, see what happens over a few days or weeks. At $25.00, I will likely be stacking cash, see if a dip takes place, then try to buy into weakness.
  11. There are a few of us here who have been "stacking" over a long period of time. Some of my stuff, I bought in the 1980's and 1990's when silver was $6.00 to $9.00 per ounce. And even these past few years, with the ups and downs, I paid as high as $22.00 per ounce including premiums. A Dollar Cost Averaging strategy. I have sold very little, and today, the stack gets bigger. I am not stacking silver as an investment. I am stacking to preserve my wealth, against a changing economy. Look into what the price of gold and silver have done in Argentina, as their currency has crumbled because of bad i
  12. Anyone else besides me taking time to observe silver and gold trading today? The news services here in America are showing gold trading at $1.510 USD per troy ounce. The price of silver really got my attention.
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