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  1. For sale 2x2016 1oz Austrian Silver Philharmoniker in original mint square capsules. Price is £44 for the pair plus postage which is at the cost and risk of the buyer only special delivery will be insured Payment via PPFF or BT
  2. For sale 5x Australia silver Kangaroos. 4x 2016 1x 2017. All supplied in mint capsules. 2 capsules have dent in the capsule overlap (I'll take 50p off on these). £23 each or 105£ for all five + postage of buyer's choice and risk, only special delivery is fully insured. Payment by BT or PPFF
  3. For sale 1/25 oz 24ct. Gold proof coin. Lost treasure of Richard II, from gold miniatures collection. 15k mintage. In original capsule with coa. 60£ plus postage at buyers choice and risk. Payment by BT or PPFF
  4. 100g Umicore bar Couple of light scratches all around and few yellowish spots on the back. Price is 85£ Postage at the cost and risk of the buyer. Payment via PPFF or BT.
  5. I have five 2019 Dragon Bars for sale. Price is £33 each, apart from the one with imperfection on one of the corners (see pics) that one is £32. Bought from goldsilver.be some time ago. Postage at the cost and risk of the buyer. Payment via PPFF or BT. If all five are purchased together I'll pay for RMSD
  6. On another note if you really want to buy from ebay, then buy coins as they ars so much harder to fake cause their design, weight and diameter. Bars with their almost generic letters are easier to fake than elaborate design on coins.
  7. Foe

    Harrington and byrne

    Bought from them twice and it was really cheap half sovs, but their toilet paper they send you twice a week is not worth it. Now everybody knows what you have at home, even though you said you don't want it.
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