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  1. 100g Umicore bar Couple of light scratches all around and few yellowish spots on the back. Price is 85£ Postage at the cost and risk of the buyer. Payment via PPFF or BT.
  2. I have five 2019 Dragon Bars for sale. Price is £33 each, apart from the one with imperfection on one of the corners (see pics) that one is £32. Bought from goldsilver.be some time ago. Postage at the cost and risk of the buyer. Payment via PPFF or BT. If all five are purchased together I'll pay for RMSD
  3. On another note if you really want to buy from ebay, then buy coins as they ars so much harder to fake cause their design, weight and diameter. Bars with their almost generic letters are easier to fake than elaborate design on coins.
  4. Foe

    Harrington and byrne

    Bought from them twice and it was really cheap half sovs, but their toilet paper they send you twice a week is not worth it. Now everybody knows what you have at home, even though you said you don't want it.
  5. File INAD and return it to the seller, if they are selling fakes they know it and they will accept it, but you will have to pay the postage back (I think). If they won't I think ebay always side with buyer if there is reasonable doubt. Never buy high value gold/silver from ebay unless it's from verified sources.
  6. I'm new to this but you can see certain silver like Queen Anne's revenge that shot up in price quite fast from 23 to 50 due to high demand and really nice design. I bought it late but still I can make profit from it looking at current prices. Same with Wod, the aztec and welsh are sold out and I think it will drive their prices higher.As sixgun said milking could be a problem, but Perth mint coins are amongst the best to buy cause for whatever reason they don't milk as often as other mints.
  7. I know what you're saying and I know the previous post was sarcastic, but just wanted to point out that everything has it's value for certain people. All of you arguing about gold and silver is irrelevant. As long as somebody wants certain thing and willing to pay for it in (whatever you need) in economy collapse scenario it doesn't matter what you hold, people can trade you can of beans for a bike or an ounce of silver, but will somebody want that ounce of silver/ gold for a can of beans? Point was only to say that stone in a river for somebody is worth more than an ounce of gold to keep the
  8. Laugh all you want, but I remember in a company I used to work with we paid about 2k€ a month for sharpening stones from certain river in US (Kansas?) to sharpen our press knives. It was a small boxes and those things dissapeared in front of your eyes when you watched those (messerschleifer) guys at work. But nothing else can take on the hardened steel and make it so fine. 🙂
  9. There are no ID/citizen cards in UK, not like in rest of Europe. I used gs.be in the past without issues. But had almost the same happened to me when using metalmarket.eu. Ordered, wired the money to their Polish account that is apparently held in sterling. Was automatically converted to PLN when I sent it. Got email saying they will refund me the PLN and asked me to send it in GBP again (when checking the gbp/pln conversion rate it was bang on). So I called them, guy on the phone was very understanding and told me they are aware of the issue and that it happens often! (WTF?). And that he
  10. Yes but then you might miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to own this beautiful 50p silver proof (limited mintage of 500 000! ) for only 199£ !
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