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Entry to 10,000+ member prize draws ended. (10 oz custom BYB bar 1/1 + custom 1oz BYB round 1/1) DRAWS to be drawn soon........
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  1. You are very talented. Hope this inspires you to create more beautiful pieces like this 👍
  2. Well done the winner that was a lovely piece. Did you make it or where did you get it?
  3. 1996 two pound coin from the last auction at The Coin Cabinet.
  4. Thanks @TheCoinConnection great service 😃 V.E struck on the day sovereign.
  5. I bought mine from the coin connection. Still patiently waiting for it to arrive.
  6. Two silverproof 50p in a commemorative cover
  7. There is still at least one still available in The coin connection £675
  8. I have this 2004 Steam Locomitive silver proof piedfort £2. It's in a screw capsule with no box or cert. I payed £34 for it at Atkinsons and you can have it for that same price if you want it.
  9. Will the buy section be closed here now for 3 weeks as we shouldn't be going to the post office to post coins?
  10. I wonder how many of us on here bought the platinum Prince Charles quarter ounce in the the spring sale?
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