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  1. I live in Northen Ireland and can still get vat free silver from Europe. I have unfettered access to G.B posting. I do not sell on here but if I wanted to I could It would not be smuggling! Supermarket shelves are empty here in m&s because of Brexit! Absolute joke.
  2. Am I correct in thinking that those of us residing in Northen Ireland can still buy silver vat free from the likes of the European mint?
  3. Some of last years pf70 grades have sold for over £1000 on ebay. I went ahead and bought this one.
  4. I got it wrong, the mintage figures were; 1100 for Elton and 1350 for queen. The Queen and Elton quarter ounce have been selling for £1000-1100 in the Coincabinet auctions recently. I just went ahead and ordered one. I think the price up was probably because the price of gold was higher when the coin was minted. A lot of people were disappointed on the Facebook groups that they missed the one once version which sold out in just over a minute.
  5. Mintage figures are higher than the previous music legends. I was going to get the quarter ounce gold but I think I will pass as its up by 300.
  6. I think it would look well in a ngc slab. Is it difficult to buy coins from the Perthmint with customs in the UK?
  7. louisfinlay


    Handled proof coins bought at below spot price by a dealer should be sold at spot plus 2 or 3% not full premium price. Having studied the returns policy I opted for conservation as it was less of a hassle.
  8. louisfinlay


    Are you buying from the Pew-Owned department? The last three preowned gold proofs I bought from them I had to send to ncs for conservation.
  9. It's quite addictive once you start grading coins. Congrats on the 70 grades.
  10. I could live with the two scratches if they were reflected in the purchase price. Did you know it had scratches before you purchased it? Still beautiful
  11. 2019 military and culture piefort 50p sets
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