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  1. Do pcgs use your FedEx account to return to you then?
  2. I just tried to order and had the same message.
  3. I submit coins to ngc myself but would like to start using pcgs instead. I send my coins to ngc via Royal Mail. I noticed on the pcgs website that they do not accept posted coins by mail. Could any of you guys who submit yourself to pcgs advise me of how to have the coins delivered to Paris? Many thanks.
  4. Yes, I have an order number. Thanks Paul Not looking forward to having to buy on the secondary market.
  5. I ordered the 3 coin set. I had payment pending from my bank account disappear today. When I check my account it says dispatched. I'm confused, am I not getting the coins now? Anyone else experiencing the same?
  6. Smithsonian institute quarter ounce sovereign. I love the special label.
  7. No that will put you further down the queue.
  8. Thanks I will message them tomorrow. Getting fed up with ngc
  9. I wanted to start submitting coins myself to pcgs and was wondering what currier service to use? Also how do you arrange return shipping?
  10. How much are people paying for their one ounce bars?
  11. In a few months this might seem like a bargain considering how much a two ou c silver goes for currently.
  12. Anyone know when these will be available for sale?
  13. There are a large amount achieving a 70 grade. Anyone getting a 69 should hold for at least a year in my opinion. Possibly longer.
  14. Nice coins. Judging by the prices the one ounce Queen and Elton colorized are achieving in recent sales I think the Bowie will do equally well if not better.
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