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  1. €230.86 for an ounce of silver that probably will be worth no more than melt in 10 years IMO
  2. ‘took the hammer to the maple months ago’ That could explain the different ping sounds😉
  3. I thinks it only fair since you don’t actually know at this stage if it’s real or fake. i would be astounding if it’s a fake from such a reputable company.
  4. I think you should remove the dealers name TBH. If you are sure it’s a fake it’s will most likely be cooper under a few mm of plate so give it a good scrape and you will know
  5. Ha - brilliant They call a spade a spade
  6. May I ask where you bought the bar from @Downs523
  7. I have dealt with him also - I have had no issues and found his descriptions of coins honest.
  8. @Kleiner - as mentioned you asked for alteration in the order - why do you think they should accommodate you or anyone else - how much administration would it require to accommodate every ones desire within a business. This is why there is a contract which you agreed to then backed out off and now have you have a problem with the company due to a breach of contract you instigated.
  9. Well said @sixgun - My two pence worth ‘Buyers Remorse’ is not a valid reason to breach a contract which every seller states when you commit to purchase precious metals.
  10. 3% share drop on Wednesday plus bonds were also hit
  11. It’s available from EMK in Germany
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