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  1. Yeah that's a good read. You really are selling a lot, it's good that scammers are rare. Problem I had posting from Ireland is that I was finding it hard to sell much with registered post adding so much to the cost. So I took a chance with standard post and who would believe it a Romanian living in Dublin buys one of the first coins. A week later I get a message saying item not received, refund me. A bit of research later on the guy and it shows he has 30 item not received cases against sellers in the last 6 months alone. He then leaves the most terrible feedback against sellers as a way of extortion basically. I contact eBay. Yadayadayada. I message some others who were scammed by him. They are furious and say they also reported him. Nothing done. So I informed the guy I was a serving member of the police force and sent him some links from the police website regarding fraud and what a terribly serious offence it is and that ebay are investigating him also 👮‍♂️Amazingly I got a message a week later saying the item had arrived 🤔 Still waiting for him to leave me dirty feedback though cos he is that kinda guy.
  2. Do you remember how to cancel a transaction without negative feedback being left? I just recently had a run in with my first scammer on there, not much fun.
  3. Would you not get hit with customs charges buying from LPM in Hong Kong?
  4. There's nothing to be worried about. Just late like most delivery's are now. If you get on their wrong side though.....be careful they are crazy 🤪
  5. Hello all, 1/2 oz lunar 2 year of ox for sale - 58 Euro Coin untouched in original capsule Buyer pays postage of choice plus risk PayPal f+f New member but experienced seller
  6. Milkyo

    Lunar 1/2 set

    If only there was a mouse in there...
  7. Hi all, I am looking for the elusive half oz silver bullion mouse from Lunar 2 if anybody has one for sale,please send me a message. Thanks James
  8. Milkyo


    Hello and welcome, I'm new too.
  9. On ebay I almost always buy multiple items off the seller if the price is right and they combine the shipping. Which has its pros and cons. Breaking down the shipping cost but spending more than intended in the first place.!
  10. Does anybody have orders with the European mint at the moment? Over the last few weeks I made 3 different orders ( unplanned, unable to resist shiny stuff in the boredom of lock down) and so found myself with three orders, none despatched, and 3 lots of shipping paid! Granted some stuff was pre order with different dates. Anyway, I came to my senses and mailed them and they kindly agreed to combine it all into one and refund the difference in shipping which is a nice chunk.. However I think I may have had to revert to the back of the "queue" for the pleasure. So does anybody know how long they are taking at present for in stock items? I'm getting edgy!
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Jim from Ireland, been lurking a while, its time to say hi.
  12. You would want to thread carefully given what I have read about their attitudes to some customers who complain. In saying that, you really should as its not 100% and I'm sure there are many people who have had items replaced by them without problems.
  13. That's pretty terrible. Good luck dealing with the nice folks at Goldsilver.be 😬
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