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  1. Hi, would it be possible to just buy the double capsules from you if you have some extra? I could do with 5 as I had already bought coins elsewhere. Thanks.
  2. Leon way overpriced shock horror 😲
  3. I imagine they would drop everything and instruct all staff to search for the very best coins in the house to fulfill the discount code order. Many hours would be spent wrapping and packaging to ensure they are delivered in perfect BU condition.
  4. I'll go for a paltry 292 Mints in the jar. I'll get 🔙 to you on the daftness
  5. No its just another normal day in the office of GSB
  6. Milkyo

    Gold SIlver BE

    They have nothing but contempt for their customers. Will send you badly damaged coins and laugh at your complaints. The don't care once they have your money. Avoid at all costs.!
  7. They are basically crooks now. A monster box is a sealed box of new coins in 99.9 % of people's expectations. Just not goldsilver.be. They have nothing but contempt for their buyers. Avoid at all costs. Or as they would say themselves "Go back to Ebay you kloot"
  8. When is the next one due out?
  9. Anybody got any spare to sell at a reasonable price? Looking for the Unicorn, Dragon, Bull, Falcon, Yale, and the Griffin. Only looking for good condition coins no scratches or spots. You will be posting to Ireland and I can pay by BT or PPFF. Thanks.
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shapeshifting
  11. Some people just like simplicity. Post cash get silver. Not everybody has a PayPal account or uses bank transfers.
  12. Have you tried their phone number from this? GOLDSILVER.BEElectrum LT SPRLAvenue Lavoisier 18 a1300 WAVRE - BELGIUMPhone: 0032(0)486864516Email: info@goldsilver.be
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